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The New Stack Podcast is all about the developers, software engineers and operations people who build at-scale architectures that change the way we develop and deploy software. Subscribe to TNS on YouTube at:

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Most DevOps Plans Fail, but Things Are Getting Better

Nov 30 • 46:03

There is much discussion about boosting application release cadences, but the fact is that most organizations have not figured out how to deploy applications more quickly. According to data from analyst firm Gartner, 90% of DevOps initiatives will fail to fully meet expectations through 2023. ...

What It Takes to Go from CNCF Sandbox to Incubation

Nov 23 • 12:35

The number of Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) projects has exploded since Kubernetes came onboard, setting the stage for hundreds of tools and platforms that have achieved the various CNCF project maturity milestones of Sandbox, Incubated or Graduated....

Why Cloud Native Is About Community

Nov 16 • 16:31

Cloud native is really only as good as the support and input the community provides. It is in this spirit that the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) continues to invest heavily in the community to support new and existing projects, including  Kubernetes, Prometheus and Envoy that are among the cornerstones of cloud native today....

How Pokemon Go Creator Builds on Kubernetes for Developers

Nov 9 • 13:21

Kubernetes played a key role in maintaining Pokemon Go, Niantic’s wildly popular augmented-reality development.  Kubernetes, and the efficiencies it offers DevOps teams, continue to play a role at Niantic, as the company builds on the game’s architecture to third-party developers....

Google’s Long-Time Open Source Director Speaks of the Future

Nov 8 • 42:03

Google’s open source program certainly has come a long way since 2003. That was when the search engine giant could still arguably be called a startup, Android had not yet been acquired and open source projects Kubernetes, Go and Chromium were years away in the making....

Open Source and the Cloud Native Data Center

Nov 4 • 40:06

The  number of open source components inside services and applications continues to increase exponentially, and this adoption is creating a lot of change in how software is created, deployed and managed.  in 2016, applications on average had 86 open source software components. Today, the average number of components is 528, according to “The 2021 Open Source Security and R...

Siloscape: Windows Container Malware That Breaks Kubernetes

Nov 3 • 29:18

In March, Daniel Prizmant, senior security researcher for Palo Alto Networks, uncovered the malware targeting Windows containers, calling the exploit “Siloscape.” In a blog post, he wrote the emergence of such an attack was not “not surprising given the massive surge in cloud adoption over the past few years.”...

What the Future of Cloud Native is About to Bring

Nov 2 • 21:23

Since its creation almost six years ago and 120 projects later, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) has played a key role in the ongoing adoption of Kubernetes and associated tools and platforms for organizations making the shift to cloud native environments. In this The New Stack Makers podcast, Chris Aniszczyk, CTO, CNCF, discusses with The New Stack’s publisher...

How Kubernetes Stateful Data Management Can Work

Oct 28 • 30:49

How Kubernetes environments might be able to offer hooks for storage, databases and other sources of persistent data still is a question in the minds of many potential users. To that end, a new consortium called the Data on Kubernetes Community (DoKC)  was formed to help organizations find the best ways of working with stateful data on Kubernetes....

Chainguard, a 'Zero Trust' Supply Chain Security Company

Oct 27 • 14:31

Five former Googlers recently started Chainguard, a newly minted supply chain security company focusing on Zero Trust principles. Their mission is to help support DevOps teams with their monumental struggles of securing application code across the development, deployment and management cycle....

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