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A podcast for junior lawyers, law students, and senior lawyers wanting to rethink the practice of law. Host Katie seeks out guests with a wide range of perspectives and interviews them about how they work, what works for them, and ways the industry might transform for the better. Warning:Read more

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Part 2: Tayla and Adair talk admission, tokenism, and bringing Tikanga into the way law is practised

Apr 5 • 41:27

This is part 2 of my conversation with Tayla and Adair, solicitors at Kāhui legal, in which we talk about issues and experiences in law that matter most to them. These include their experiences of admission, of some misguided and tokenistic ways firms attempt to improve diversity in the profession, and of bringing te reo and Tikanga Māori into the way they practise.  They ...

Part 1: Tayla and Adair talk finding community at law school, working on Treaty cases as new solicitors, and Māori identity within their legal practice

Mar 28 • 34:17

This episode is Part 1 of a two part conversation with Tayla and Adair, two solicitors at Kāhui Legal.  In this part we talk about their experiences of law school and their careers so far - what it has been like (excellent!) and how they made the decisions they did (through thoughtful experimentation!)....

The New Lawyer book! The New Lawyer Companion: Essays on law, life and humanity

Mar 24 • 06:12

Amanda Smidt from the Career Development Company talks how to make career decisions, what comes before editing your CV, and how wellbeing integrates with your work life

Apr 28 • 57:15

Amanda Smidt is a careers practitioner at the Career Development Company and spends her work life shepherding others to authentic and sustainable career decisions.  She loves crossroads conversations almost as much as me.   We discussed her career, how she leads career conversations with her clients, and the best work you can do to find the best work situation for yourself.  ...

Damian Hanna talks legal recruitment, career flexibility, and not waiting for burnout to change course

Apr 20 • 50:56

Special episode - Katie and Cassandra discuss life and lawyering in Covid times

Apr 14 • 29:32

Sarah talks networking that feels good, finding your fit in Australia or New Zealand, and law adjacent careers

Sep 23 • 01:13:59

In this episode I chat with Sarah Alderson from PocketLegal about her ten years in practice in New Zealand and Australia, including how she went about finding jobs throughout, leading to her recent move to establish her CPD and networking business. It was so lovely to talk about finding fit and non-formulaic ways through one's career, and how she is going about improving t...

Sacha Judd talks technology law, non-linear career choices, and the systemic nature of legal culture

Apr 14 • 53:20

In this episode Sacha Judd, a lawyer for 20 years turned innovation and technology advisor, talks technology law, non-linear career choices, and the systemic nature of legal culture, not to mention practice in Hong Kong and Singapore, study at LSE, and partnership at 32.  No introduction needed!...

Cassandra talks junior barristership, animal law and networking without networking

Mar 3 • 49:06

In this episode I spoke to Cassandra Kenworthy, a junior barrister from Wellington, about almost everything in the world.  We went from her science background to how she found law to academic writing to animal law to participation in legal profession groups to practising with a chronic illness to networking without networking to all kinds of other things.  I'm such a fan.  ...

John Mackintosh talks Stepping Up and choosing sole practice, law-adjacent paths, and bringing your outside passions into legal practice

Feb 3 • 56:05

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