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True stories recorded live at The Narrators, the award-winning storytelling show from Denver, Colorado. Comedians, actors, musicians, writers, and other fascinating folks share first-person narratives from their lives, centered on a monthly theme.

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244: Brandon Patrick, "Contents Under Pressure"

Aug 27 • 13:09

Your next storyteller is comedian, musician, and podcaster Brandon Patrick. Brandon recently moved to Denver and this was his very first time performing at The Narrators. He shared this truly wild cautionary tale just last week, outdoors at Buntport Theater—the theme of the evening was “Partners.” A quick content warning here: If there are children in the room, you might w...

243: Yancey Lee Anderson, "Piano Piano Piano"

Aug 20 • 11:25

Your next storyteller is a long-time friend of the show, Yancey Lee Anderson. He told this story about his grandmother in front of a live audience at Buntport Theater in Denver, Colorado back in June 2019—the theme of the evening was “Framed.”...

242: Adele Alvarado, "The Empty Spaces in Someone Else's Heart"

Aug 13 • 10:06

Your next storyteller is Adele Alvarado. This was Adele’s first time sharing a story at The Narrators, back in August 2018. She told this story in front of a live audience at Buntport Theater in Denver, Colorado—the theme of the evening was “Cheating.”...

241: Sarita Field, "On the Shore of Magic Beach"

Aug 6 • 15:29

Over the last 11 years, we’ve had some truly fabulous storytellers swing into the orbit of our show, pour their hearts out on stage a few times, and then move on to the next stage of their life. Today’s episode features one of those folks—Sarita Field. Sarita now lives in Madiscon, Wisconsin, where she can still be found telling stories, but back in August 2017, Sarita joi...

240: Ben Roy, "Seven of Eight Days"

Jul 30 • 19:01

Today’s story comes from human treasure chest Ben Roy. Ben is a standup comedian, podcaster, actor, and musician who’s probably best known for his role as Billy Shoemaker on the television show “Those Who Can’t” on HBO Max. Ben told this cathartic story about summer camp in front of outdoor audience, in the parking lot of Buntport Theater, just last week—the theme of the e...

239: Rachel Weeks, "Dalton"

Jul 23 • 15:47

Today’s story comes from long-time favorite of the show Rachel Weeks. Rachel is a comedian, cast member of the wonderful D&D show Better Than Heroes, and co-host of The Commander Sphere podcast. She told this story in front of a live audience at Buntport Theater; the theme of the evening was "Ghosts."...

238: Shelsea Ochoa, "The ABCs of the Last 12 Months"

Jul 16 • 13:32

Your next storyteller is Shelsea Ochoa. We first met Shelsea a few years ago through a collaboration with Playback Theatre West, and she’s become an instant favorite of our show. She’s the creative director of Soul Stories, a wonderful storytelling organization here in Denver, and she’s one of the mad geniuses behind all that howling that we were doing every night at 8pm l...

237: Gabby Gutierrez-Reed, "There's Blood on the Floor"

Jul 2 • 11:21

Your next storyteller is comedian and musician Gabby Gutierrez-Reed. In this story, Gabby tells the story of her move to Denver and her first day of culinary school. This was her first appearance at The Narrators back in August 2018; the theme of the evening was "Guts." ...

236: Amanda Hergott, "Juvenile Record"

Jun 25 • 14:17

Our next story comes from writer, storyteller, and fellow podcaster Amanda Hergott. In this story, Amanda explains how a teenage dalliance into drugstore thievery helped her hide a difficult but fundamental truth about herself. This story was shared in front of a live audience at Buntport Theater in Denver; the theme of the evening was "Nailing It." ...

235: Jamie Brickhouse, "Let Me Let You Go"

Jun 4 • 15:08

Today's story comes from Jamie Brickhouse. Jamie is an author, performer, and a four-time Moth Slam Champion who's been featured on PBS's Stories From The Stage, RISK!, Story Collider and more. In this story, Jamie talks about his first boyfriend and how a small mind interfered with big love. He told this story live at Buntport Theater on May 15, 2019. The theme of the eve...

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