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Welcome to The Moneypot, the new podcast from Money20/20, discussing the forces and ideas shaping the future of money.

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Becoming the Dungeon Master of Retail Investing

Nov 18 • 15:51

 Retail investing has never been a hotter space.   During the pandemic, as certain discretionary incomes increased, and apps have made participating in the markets easier, there has been an explosion of interest and activity.   But this has led to a proliferation of meme stocks, and questionable investment activities, none of which are disappearing.   Retail investing has ...


Nov 8 • 01:05:43

Over the past year, both traditional and upstart financial service providers have streamlined and digitized to enable remote workforces and customer experiences. Consumers and society overcame challenges not seen in over a generation. Just as survivors of the Great Depression focused on achieving the necessary with minimal resources, consumers coming out of the pandemic ha...

Changing the Game of Digital Customer Experience: Reimagining E-commerce

Oct 23 • 16:48

Over the past 18 months, businesses of all shapes and sizes have needed to focus specifically on the digital customer experience as other channels have closed or slowed down. The ability to define the customer experience – and make it unique – is not just a differentiator, but what allows companies to succeed during a challenging, unprecedented time. We spoke with Dr. Tiff...

Will Your Next Curry Come with a Side Credit Card?

Oct 7 • 16:50

Embedded finance is at the heart of payments innovation.   Uberized payments, digital wallets, and contactless service has become the standard.    Will the next wave be credit cards?   Do the brands that you love know you better than your financial institution, and are they willing to extend you more credit because of it?   We spoke with Dov Marmor about the new Railsbank ...

Community Banks with the Right Tools Can Compete

Sep 2 • 16:38

Community banks are at a moment of decision, like a football game going to penalties.   They are in the midst of consolidations,  acquisitions, and pressure to digitize.     The number of these banks are shrinking in the EU and US,  but during the pandemic, many have shown resilience and won a lot of goodwill through excellent customer engagement.   We spoke with Mantl's N...

Bank in Transition: From Muffins to Mergers, Cupcakes to Culture

Aug 27 • 16:30

We are on the verge of the great bank consolidation.  While currently, there are nearly 5000 banks each in the US and Europe,  that number is going to significantly reduce in the next few years as banks merge, and are acquired by other banks or fintechs.    Amidst this, how do you create a culture that is tech forward and eliminates the hierarchies that can prevent quicker...

SPECIAL: How The Next Gen Banking Platform Can Enable Innovation and Growth

Aug 20 • 46:18

Banks are racing to both "apply digital lipstick" to keep consumer experiences up to date and competitive,  and to transform their cores, so that they can run mission critical applications in a digital first world.   We had a conversation with Sanjay Matthew, Senior Industry Strategy Director, and Aubrey Hawes, Senior Director- Global Banking Solutions, at Oracle, to talk ...

The Forces Behind Digital Wallet Adoption

Aug 6 • 14:52

No one is surprised that digital wallet adoption soared during the pandemic, but there is a lot more to digital wallet adoption than simply contactless payments.  The approach different countries and regions take to  innovation and the nature of digital wallets is having a large impact,    We talked with Frida Polyak,  Analyst and Researcher at Euromoniter International ab...

LATAM Payments and the ECommerce Boom!

Jul 29 • 13:51

Fintech in Latin America is flourishing.   The worlds largest neobank is in Brazil, digital wallets are seeing unprecedented adoption, and with a largely unbanked population, the potential markets are huge.   We talked to Michel Golffed,  the Senior Vice President of Growth at dLocal about how bridging payments to emerging markets is changing the fintech landscape, opening...

What's Next for Ant?

Jul 22 • 10:05

Alibaba subsidiary Ant Group Financial was headed for a highly anticipated IPO that was quickly pulled back when the Chinese Government imposed a much stricter regulatory structure.   Now people are wondering if the IPO is curtailed for good, or what would need to happen for it to move forward.  We are also wondering what these regulatory movements could mean as a pre-curs...

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