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The Modern Good

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The Modern Good is a podcast that inspires listeners to take action + personal responsibility for their thoughts, feelings and perception of the world around them. Episode content is audience-directed and built into cohesive themes that offers listeners a chance to learn actionable tools to shiftRead more

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He's on Your Boat: How Emotional Patterns Disrupt Faith

Oct 7 • 01:09:57

In today's episode, we dive into the nerve-wracking battle between fear and faith. Prepare to take a Break Method approach to biblical concepts and spiritual anatomy that will blow your mind and enhance your understanding of how to move more securely into operating from your Spirit. The session is accompanied by powerful lecture slides that can be viewed on the YouTube ver...

Sacred Fatherhood with Josh Trent

Sep 23 • 01:32:27

Today's episode we dig into the effects of unhealed trauma on parenting, what it's like to be a generational pattern breaker and how Josh's definition of fatherhood has changed since his son came into the world. As always with the Josh and Bizzie duo, other consciousness-minded topics naturally unfold into an organic discussion that includes current event topics and societ...

The Scariest Episode I've Ever Done

Sep 9 • 51:51

Today's episode will surely go down in history as the most vulnerable I've ever been on the podcast. It's easy for me to share past ups and downs, trials and tribulations and even heartbreak but it's another thing entirely to bare your soul. This is certainly an important step in my evolution as a teacher and speaker and it's been a long time coming. This aspect of my teac...

The New Deviance

Aug 31 • 01:50:12

2020: The WTF Year

Dec 21 • 01:16:32

Communication Without The Fight

Jul 14 • 01:30:20

The Commercialization of Child Sex Trafficking + How You Can Stop It with Jaco Booyens

Jun 17 • 01:44:50

I'm joined by filmmaker and sex trafficking abolitionist Jaco Booyens. This 1 hour and 45 minute episode is a solutions-focused discussion on how to combat the commercialization of child sex trafficking in the United States. We address the stepping stones to assuming responsibility along with prevention methods and what you can do in your own community. The audio podcast v...

Facing Fear, Feeding Courage with Mark Divine

Feb 27 • 01:05:53

Personality + How It All Goes Wrong

Dec 6 • 01:12:02

This episode teaches listeners why their expression of personality is a direct result of the subconscious rules they learned during childhood. Often, the things we desire most in this world: to achieve success, fall in love, feel understood or validated, all exist at odds with these subconscious beliefs. Get ready to learn practical takeaways to start shifting your persona...

The Breakdown & Reorganization of The Mental Health Industry

Oct 10 • 39:40
It's an exciting time when old broken systems start to collapse and new approaches emerge. This episode examines the current state of the mental health industry and why this is the most exciting time to be a part of it. Dr. Lara Pence shares her experience with learning to navigate the changing landscape as well as give herself permission to expand the toolkit of her thera...

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