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The Misadventures In Entrepreneuring Podcast


Are you in search of a podcast about entrepreneuring that’s a bit more relatable than your usual stuff? Look no further than Misadventures in Entepreneuring - the podcast for entrepreneurs that brings you refreshingly honest conversations about the realities of being an entrepreneur today. In aRead more

Popular episodes

The End? Part II

Sep 10 • 30:01

In this special final episode of the series we celebrate the launch of our brand new book and we continue our conversation from episode 12 about a subject that most founders are reluctant to talk about…...

The End? Part I

Aug 27 • 58:51

There are many reasons that a business might come to an end, by choice or otherwise, but sometimes the numbers simply no longer add up and we may have to face an extremely difficult set of decisions....

Overcoming Unexpected Obstacles

Aug 13 • 30:16

The future is unknown, change is inevitable and at some point we are going to find ourselves in situations that challenge our thinking in ways that it’s never been challenged before. How we respond to our challenges, no matter how great or small, is what shapes us as entrepreneurs....

Managing Your Team

Jul 30 • 27:44

Having a great vision is not good enough to make sure that you are getting the best from your people, you also have to put the time into creating a culture they want to be part of every day and where they can feel empowered and motivated to do their best work. ...


Jul 16 • 30:24

Hiring new team members is one of the most exciting and nerve-wracking milestones in growing your business. Get it right and you can go from strength to strength. Get it wrong and it can cause a world of pain. ...

Knowing Your Values

Jul 2 • 30:22

Your values are the beliefs, philosophies, and principles that drive your business and help guide your decisions. However, in the frenzy of starting and building a business, creating value for your business can often get overlooked....

Embracing Uncertainty

Jun 18 • 29:28

During this episode we discuss how to embrace uncertainty and deal with the chaos that can be part of the territory as an entrepreneur!...

Family and Friends - How to ensure your relationships survive your business!

Jan 27 • 26:39

How do you navigate your relationships with friends and family as you and your business evolve? ...

Sacrifice and Guilt - dealing with the pressures of running a business

Jan 13 • 21:57

Many people start a business with the intention of being able to live life on there own terms and to experience greater freedom. However, as you will find out in this episode, often the practical realities of doing so mean this is rarely the case. ...

Developing as an Entrepreneurial Leader

Dec 30 • 29:27

What does it mean to be an Entrepreneurial Leader? How does your role as the leader of the business change over time? What can you do to develop yourself amongst all of the seemingly endless work that is involved in running your business?! ...

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