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Best selling authors and passionate bloggers, Michael & Maša Ofei explore what it means to live with incredible intentionality. They bring honest conversations to your ears discussing a range of topics including; minimalism, veganism, zero-waste, productivity, consumerism, travel amongst otherRead more

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The Final Episode: A Natural Evolution

Dec 9 • 34:26
The Minimalist Vegan Podcast is coming to an end (indefinitely). Tune in to the episode to find out why we’re moving on and what we have planned for the future (some exciting news!).

We also share raw behind-the-scenes of the ups and downs of producing the show.

A special thanks to our wonderful listeners. Your attention means a lot to us 💚

This episode is brought to you by ...

Vegan Cooking Tips For Beginners

Nov 29 • 46:24
Are you overwhelmed by the idea of cooking? Or wish you had a few more go-to recipes? Then this episode is for you.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. Learning how to cook is one of the most valuable skills you can understand, and preparing a meal is one of the creative and thoughtful ways to impress others and show love.

And if you’re not cooking for others, you’...

Are Zoos Ethical For Animals?

Nov 12 • 55:07
One of our fondest memories is having a family outing at the zoo. It was surreal to see lions, tigers, elephants, and monkeys in person.

Not only that, but zoos are critical for conservation and public education. At least so we thought…

There’s a dark side to the zoo industry to suggest it’s more entertainment than conservation. But is it?

In this conversation, we discuss the...

Are We Done With Minimalism?

Oct 28 • 31:39
On the surface, it appears that minimalism has reached the mainstream. Minimalism is more widely accepted and, as a result, has lost its flair.

Back in episode 46, we discussed what the future of minimalism would look like and pontificated on the trendiness of the movement.

Well, almost two years on—where does it stand? More importantly, how do we feel about minimalism toda...

Why Do People Hate Vegans?

Oct 15 • 49:36
Studies show that vegans are viewed more negatively than atheists, immigrants, homosexuals, and asexuals. In fact, the only group viewed more negatively than vegans were drug addicts!

Beyond the surveys, we’ve felt it too. Whether it’s eating out with friends or meeting someone for the first time, veganism comes with an air of inconvenience, stigma and sometimes hate.

Why is...

What You Do For Work Is Not Your Identity

Oct 1 • 53:06
When you meet someone for the first time, consciously and unconsciously, you’re assessing their status based on their job, education, where they live, the clothes they wear, the car they drive, and their cultural background.

And you know what?

They’re doing the exact same thing to you.

But how healthy is status classification? Why does it matter so much to us?

Whether we want ...

What's The Future of Work? (And How We're Preparing)

Sep 17 • 01:08:49
The combination of automation and a global pandemic has pushed society into a new norm of work.

There’s no escaping the digital revolution as it impacts every industry.

Lockdowns have given us some time to take a step back to evaluate what’s essential and what work-life balance should look like.

In this episode, we share our reactions to some pretty compelling statistics abo...

15 Lessons We’ve Learned Since Becoming Vegans

Sep 2 • 01:10:39
As we recently celebrated our 7th vegan anniversary, we thought it would be interesting to share what we’ve learned.

In this conversation, we compare what we expected to experience when we first transitioned with how things have panned out.

Whether you're veg-curious, a new vegan, or have been living cruelty-free for decades; we trust you’ll be able to relate to some of our ...

Is Supporting The Wool Industry Really That Cruel?

Aug 20 • 58:56
Wool is one of the oldest and most popular fabrics in human history. What was once a resource used for survival has evolved into a commercial behemoth leading to the exploitation of sheep and lambs worldwide.

However, is the wool industry really all that bad? Can we still buy products using wool as ethical consumers? Is there such thing as vegan-friendly wool?

We discuss all...

Our Realistic Experiences With Meditation

Aug 5 • 39:36
It’s no secret; mindful meditation is officially mainstream and a particularly prevalent practice that you’ll see many high performers (in all fields) starting their day with.

If you don’t currently meditate, you may wonder if it really lives up to the hype. I mean, it must if you’re to allocate time in your busy day to connect with your breath. We’ve been there! Trust us.


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