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Mindvalley is the world’s leading personal growth education company with a mission to teach wisdom and transformational ideas that our education system ignores. The Mindvalley podcast brings the best minds under one roof to discuss powerful ideas in personal growth for mind, body, spirit and work.Read more

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How To Launch The Business Of Your Dreams - Marie Forleo

Dec 6 • 21:18

Have you ever had that moment in your life when you realized you’re not where you’re meant to be? And that you were stuck in a job that you were never meant to end up in? That you were meant for something bigger and grander? Well, you are not alone. There was a time when the multi-passionate entrepreneur Marie Forleo felt the same. And she’s here to share her own journey ...

The NBA’s Top Mindset Coach On The BIG Breakthrough Formula - David Nurse

Dec 1 • 47:39

Compare the ‘you’ of the past to the ‘you’ now. The difference between the two is the series of breakthroughs you acted upon. In this episode, Vishen and David Nurse, NBA Mindset Coach, dive into the world of breakthrough formulas and winning mindsets. Get ready to learn how to redefine your achievements....

The Romantic Recipe For A Successful Modern Relationship - John Gray

Nov 29 • 23:24

The idea of a happy relationship doesn’t seem so unattainable when you’ve just started one. However, things change when you’ve been married for a while. Making sure your relationship is working is a long-term commitment that takes a lot of study and even more practice. In this talk, John Gray, the author of the book "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus," shared his kno...

Practical Feng Shui Tips To Boost Your Energy And Attract Abundance - Marie Diamond

Nov 24 • 24:54

Most people think that Feng Shui is all about decorating and arranging furniture. But there’s so much more to this ancient spiritual practice. In this episode, the Global Transformational Teacher and Feng Shui Master Marie Diamond explains how you can use it to align the energy of your environment with your goals and aspirations....

How To Build $100M Brands From Scratch - Miki Agrawal

Nov 22 • 22:56

How do you build up brands worth millions? It starts with disruptive innovation and fearlessly changing the game. While there are many ways to make your mark in the industry, the social entrepreneur Miki Agrawal managed to build multiple $100M+ companies from the ground up - most of the time with an initial capital of zero dollars. In this episode, this innovative woman ch...

3 Triggers To Maximize Your Focus And Creativity - Steven Kotler

Nov 19 • 54:04

After Lyme disease attacked Steven Kotler’s neurological system, he decided to commit his life to the scientific study of enhanced cognitive states like flow. Steven has been able to automate and articulate this previously mysterious state of productivity, and in this episode, he shares a few of his secrets about entering this elusive mindset....

5 Steps to Transform Stress fFor Deep & Restorative Sleep - Charlie Morley

Nov 17 • 46:40

Trouble sleeping when you are stressed? Learn five powerful practices to transform restlessness with this ground-breaking approach that’s been proven to help improve sleep quality in 87% of participants. In this episode, Mindvalley’s lucid dreaming expert Charlie Morley joins Vishen to break down how to combat the harmful effects of stress and trauma to achieve restful sle...

Adrian Grenier From ‘Entourage’ On How To Make Your Business Future-Proof

Nov 15 • 47:32

Have you ever heard of business YBM? That’s yield beyond money. If you haven’t, you need to.  Get ready for an honest discussion on the intangible values beyond our calculator’s reach with actor-turned-activist Adrian Grenier, and discover how wiser investments can make a real impact on people and our planet. ...

7 Essential Skills Your School Didn’t Teach You - Vishen

Nov 12 • 11:55

Did your school ever teach you the skills that really count? Like how to live a happy human life, forge loving connections and safeguard your mental and physical health? Wisdom and knowledge are so much more than what you were told to read in a textbook as a child. In this short episode, Vishen reveals what the education system completely failed to teach you. ...

Why 50% Of Marriages End In Divorce - John Gray

Nov 10 • 32:32

The idea of happily ever after doesn’t seem so unattainable when your relationship is fresh and you’re starry-eyed in the ‘honeymoon phase’.  But when you’ve been married for a while, things start to change. Making sure the sparks are still flying years down the line is a commitment that takes a lot of observation, patience,  and practice. Expert relationship counselor Joh...

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