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Welcome to the Mindful Movement Podcast, the show for those who want join the movement of helping professionals who use mindful practices in their work and life; or for those individuals who are simply interested in learning to live mindfully. Learn actionable advice from experts on how to liveRead more

Popular episodes

Mind Over Matter | Interview with Caroline Cory

Nov 20 • 01:16:18

In this episode, Les chats with filmmaker Caroline Cory. Caroline’s journey began at a very early age and has been communicating some of the extraordinary powers of the human mind through the art of film. Enjoy the episode! ...

How Your Movement Practices Will Impact Your Life | Max Shank Interview

Oct 2 • 01:21:36

In this episode Les chats with Max Shank, author, gym owner, and all around interesting man. Max is a wealth of knowledge in the realm of movement, and is a great communicator of useful life lessons. Max had a tremendous impact on Les’ journey of exercise education and in this interview Les gets the opportunity to share that experience with Max. Hope you enjoy!...

Seeking Fulfillment through Service | Interview with Troy Grant

Sep 12 • 01:29:50

In this episode, Les sits down with Troy Grant from Beyond Rhetoric to discuss the journey of finding personal fulfillment by devoting our most valuable resource to others within our community. Enjoy the conversation!...

How Confidence has Impacted Both Sara and Les

Jul 27 • 01:03:27

Les is excited to continue the conversation with Sara in this second interview with her. Get to know the woman behind the voice of all the meditations, hypnotherapy and courses at The Mindful Movement. In this episode, Les and Sara discuss the what's new at The Mindful Movement, some of both of their experiences struggling with their own confidence, as well as an upcoming ...

The Matrix | Interview with Tanuj Soodan, Spiritual Coach

Jun 26 • 01:31:48

In this episode, Les chats with YouTube Creator and Spiritual Coach Tanuj Soodan about reality, consciousness, and many things around the topic of energy. It is a fun and interesting conversation and we hope you enjoy too!...

Les Gets Unexpected Therapy: Interview with Rebecca Strong

Jun 12 • 01:28:01

In this episode, Les chats with EMDR therapist Rebecca Strong about using the nervous system as a tool for healing trauma. Les was interested in how eye movements can help with healing, but didn’t anticipate walking through a child hood trauma in the middle of a podcast. This has apparently helped Les considerably - maybe it can help you too. ...

The Ultimate Healing Tool: Interview with James Nestor, Author of Breath

May 22 • 59:25

In this episode Les chats with author James Nestor. James delivers some of the key points made in his bestselling book Breath: The new science of a lost art. James also details some interesting experiences he encountered along the journey of discovery leading up to the book. Enjoy the episode!...

Healing in Action: Interview with Mary Ruddick Part 2

May 2 • 01:32:57

In this episode Mary Ruddick returns to coach Les on how to move forward during a flare of symptoms. Les opens up about a recent regression after years of chipping away at illness. The audience gets a chance to see how a nutritional consultation unfolds. Enjoy the episode!...

Stay Salty: Interview with Robb Wolf

Apr 24 • 54:48

In this episode Les chats with Robb Wolf. Robb has an impressive resume and cohosts The Healthy Rebellion Radio podcast with his wife Nicki. Robb’s latest project of providing a delicious way for folks to get some very basic nutrients is discussed, along with the why and how some of us do not get enough currently. Hope you enjoy the episode. ...

Self-Care is the Best Health Care: Interview with Dr. Adam Fields

Apr 18 • 01:10:37

In this episode, Les chats with Dr. Adam fields about caring for the structure and function of the head and neck and the many components within this area in which we rely on to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Adam’s self care strategies can improve the way you feel in seconds. Adam also shares a touching story about how he has navigated his daughters health issues and how it ha...

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