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The Millennial Therapists Podcast with Mao & Nao


This podcast is hosted by two First Generation American Millennial therapists who are equally true crime, forensic psychology and macabre obsessed. We discuss mental health, psychology, history and everything in-between dabbling in various topics from cultural humility to military mental health,Read more

Popular episodes

S2. EP14: Love-bombing and Trauma Bonding with Cults & Boss Babes

Nov 2 • 01:16:26

"Hey girl! I love your page!!! You would be sooooooooooooooooooooo good at what I do. You will have your own business and empower other women! You're so pretty, like really pretty. Have you heard of this shitty protein shake, essential oil, or itchy ass shampoo?"...

S2. EP13: B*tchass Ted Bundy- America's Homicidal Narcissist

Oct 19 • 01:02:40

"STAHHP ittt.. A mood disorder does not make you murderous. Fuck you, Ted."...

S2. E12: Unfriended, Catfishing & Murder: The murders of Billie Jean Hayworth and Billy Payne

Oct 4 • 01:16:59

"I hate that baby." Jenelle Potter...

S2. E11: The 67 Exorcisms and death of Anneliese Michel

Sep 29 • 01:05:52

"Everyone get your ovaries checked for teratomas." - Mao...

S2. E10: Family Annihilator Chris Watts

Sep 22 • 01:00:44

"She was the mistress, or the side piece." Mao describing Nichol Kissinger...

S2. E9: Murder of Dee Dee Blanchard & Story of Gypsy Rose

Sep 13 • 01:06:08

"The bitch is dead." - Facebook post after Dee Dee Blanchard's murder...

S2. E8: Lulumurder: The Murder of Jayna Murray

Aug 24 • 01:06:19

Fashion. Yoga pants. Murder....

S2. E7: Tatiana Tarasoff- Duty to Warn and to Protect Law

Aug 17 • 01:01:46

“Women are killed by intimate partners—husbands, lovers, ex-husbands, or ex-lovers— more often than by any other category of killer.” Assessing Risk Factors for Intimate Partner Homicide by Jacquelyn C. Campbell et al....

S2 E6: The Weird and Mysterious Black Eyed Kids

Aug 9 • 48:33

"Can I at least have some ketchup for my apple?" - BEK being a creep...

S2 E5: Astrology and Mental Health

Jul 29 • 01:03:36

"The most common Star signs of serial killers are Pisces, Gemini, Virgo, and Sagittarius." - Nao calling Mao and Odette serial killers...

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