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The Mile You're In

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In life we must take things one day at a time, taking baby steps to accomplish our goals. Each day, week, month or year can be considered the mile we're in on our journey. This podcast touches on how situations in life and sports relate.

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Small But Powerful

Nov 4 • 47:27

Many times, we judge a book by the cover. We tend to think you have to have a certain look to be successful. When you believe in yourself and are proud of who you are, you can truly appreciate the opportunities life presents while moving past any negativity and doubt that stands in your way. Special guest Ashley Brasovan joins me to discuss her experiences competing in two...

Never Would Have Made It

Oct 21 • 01:07:38

In life, you have to know when it's okay to walk away, even from something you love. The end of one journey always leads to the beginning of another. Special guest Chanelle Price joins me to discuss her faith in God and how it helped navigate her through her track and field journey. We talked about everything from multiple injuries, Olympic Trial disappointments, her recen...

Humble & Hungry

Oct 7 • 58:50

Sometimes on our journey to our goal, we tend to compare our path to others with similar dreams and aspirations. It's important to focus on your game plan, staying humble when succeeding and staying hungry to achieve more. Special guest Sabrina Southerland joins me to discuss her journey going from the collegiate level to the pro's while battling an unexpected injury at th...

Becoming An Olympic Medalist

Oct 2 • 53:14

If there's one thing in life we must remember, failure and disappointment should not stop us from trying again. We can't allow it to let us give up on our dreams. Things don't always come easy and you should expect the unexpected along the way. Special guest and 2-time Olympic Medalist at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, Kendall Ellis joins me to discuss the roller coaster of even...

When It Rains, It Pours

Sep 23 • 01:27:50

Many times we tend to forget that professional athletes are regular people just like us. For many, going to the Olympics is a lifelong dream. Special guest, Canadian runner Mariah Kelly joins me as she shares her journey to make the Canadian Olympic team. Everything from accusations, relationships, Covid restrictions, Olympic delays and more. Mariah shares some of her dark...

Challenges With Sponsors

Sep 16 • 48:03

As a professional runner, getting a sponsorship can be a big deal. Whether it's clothing and gear, races and travel, media opportunities or more, every little bit helps. Unfortunately, in a sport that isn't as popular and funded as other professional sports, running provides limited opportunities, making it harder to get selected by brands. Special guest, Olympic Trial com...

Do What's Right For You

Sep 7 • 20:47

When you accomplish something, you should experience some sort of joy or happiness. It shouldn't feel like relief. You should be able to enjoy what you do and the journey along the way. If you're always feeling pressure, constantly stressed, and not able to appreciate it, is it really worth it anymore? We need to focus more on our mental health and less about what others m...

Don't Fear Failure

Aug 19 • 29:13

In life and sports we fear failure. Failing in school, careers, relationships, races, etc. This episode discusses how these relate while sharing my recent 100 mile race experience where I was dealt my first DNF (Did Not Finish). An inspirational message to continue chasing your dreams and goals while pushing yourself further.

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Cultures Change, Rules Should Too!

Jul 17 • 50:50

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've noticed that times have changed and so have cultures. In many sports though, rules remain the same. There are discussions that need to be had that can lead to decisions being made. Everything from testing Olympic hopefuls for marijuana, transgender athletes in the Olympics, female athletes being treated differently and much mo...

Is It Fair Or Not?

Jun 20 • 21:06

A lot is being said about Transgender athletes, specifically when competing in women sports. This episode touches on some of the facts learned about this topic and real life competitions. Whether you're for it or against it, this episode should open your mind to do more research in order to make a fact based decision.

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