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Omicron Panic and Limbaugh's Legacy, with Kmele Foster, Michael Moynihan, Matt Welch, and James Golden | Ep. 210

Nov 29 • 01:28:47

Megyn Kelly is joined by Kmele Foster, Michael Moynihan and Matt Welch - the hosts of the "Fifth Column" podcast - and James Golden ("Bo Snerdley"), longtime producer for Rush Limbaugh and author of "Rush on the Radio," to talk about the media and Fauci-driven panic over the new Omicron COVID variant, the possibility of more lockdowns, the lack of rational response to COVI...

Media Malpractice and Criminal Consequences, with Kathie Lee Gifford, E.D. Hill, John Kass and Amy Swearer | Ep. 209

Nov 23 • 01:27:54

Megyn Kelly is joined by Kathie Lee Gifford, author of "The Jesus I Know: Honest Conversations and Diverse Opinions About Who He Is," E.D. Hill, longtime journalist and former Fox News host, John Kass of, and Amy Swearer, of the Heritage Foundation, to talk about the criminal consequences of social justice policies, what Biden and the media owe Kyle Ritten...

Rittenhouse Media Insanity and the Dangers of China, with Sen. Tom Cotton, Jason Whitlock, and Jesse Singal | Ep. 208

Nov 22 • 01:28:32

Megyn Kelly is joined by Senator Tom Cotton, Jason Whitlock, host of "Fearless" on BlazeTV, and Jesse Singal, author of "The Quick Fix," to talk about the media insanity after the Rittenhouse verdict, the lie that Rittenhouse "crossed state lines" with an AR-15, why Sen. Cotton says President Biden owes RIttenhouse an apology, Merrick Garland's "radical" Department of Just...

Kyle Rittenhouse Found Not Guilty on All Counts, with Glenn Greenwald, Andrew Branca, Mark Eiglarsh, and Angenette Levy | Ep. 207

Nov 19 • 01:37:43

Megyn Kelly is joined by Glenn Greenwald, editor at Substack, Andrew Branca, self-defense attorney, Mark Eiglarsh, defense attorney, and Angenette Levy, Law&Crime Network reporter, to talk about the breaking news that Kyle Rittenhouse was found not guilty on all counts, the media coverage of the case, the jury deliberation process, the focus on the judge, MSNBC's coverage ...

COVID Lockdown Reality and MSNBC Banned from Rittenhouse Courtroom, with Dr. Scott Atlas, Robert Barnes, and Dan Abrams | Ep. 206

Nov 18 • 01:33:03

Megyn Kelly is joined by Dr. Scott Atlas, former Trump administration COVID advisor and author of "A Plague Upon Our House," Robert Barnes, Kyle Rittenhouse's former civil attorney, and Dan Abrams, SiriusXM host and founder of the Law&Crime Network, to talk about the reality of the cost of lockdowns, how Atlas tried to undo COVID damage of Fauci and Birx, the need to have ...

Rittenhouse Jury Deliberates and Media's Disastrous Coverage, with Gov. Chris Christie, Robert Barnes, Andrew Branca, and Richard Baris | Ep. 205

Nov 17 • 01:26:55

Megyn Kelly is joined by Gov. Chris Christie, author of "Republican Rescue," Robert Barnes, Kyle Rittenhouse's former civil attorney, Richard Baris, Director of Big Data Poll, and Andrew Branca, self-defense attorney, to talk about the latest in the Kyle RIttenhouse trial while the jury deliberates, what the jury questions signal about the jury's thought process, media cov...

Rittenhouse Trial Heads to Jury and O'Keefe Raided By FBI, with Robert Barnes, Dave Aronberg, Andrew Branca and Harmeet Dhillon | Ep. 204

Nov 16 • 01:29:08

Megyn Kelly is joined by Robert Barnes, Kyle Rittenhouse's former civil attorney, Dave Aronberg, state attorney for Palm Beach County, Andrew Branca, self-defense attorney and contributor to Legal Insurrection, and Harmeet Dhillon, attorney for James O'Keefe, to talk about the jury getting the Kyle Rittenhouse case, the closing arguments in the trial, the various self-defe...

Steele Dossier Implodes and Rittenhouse Trial Nears Conclusion, with Kash Patel, Erik Wemple, and Julio Rosas | Ep. 203

Nov 15 • 01:34:05

Megyn Kelly is joined by Kash Patel, former Pentagon Chief of Staff in the Trump administration, Erik Wemple, media critic for The Washington Post, and Julio Rosas, senior writer for TownHall, to talk about the truth about the media's disastrous Steele Dossier coverage, particularly from MSNBC and CNN and McClatchy, whether the media will correct the record about its fault...

Jim Breuer on the Downsides of Fame and Vanity, SNL in the 90s, and Canceling Chappelle | Ep. 202

Nov 12 • 02:01:45

Megyn Kelly is joined by Jim Breuer, stand-up comedian, to talk about the downsides of fame and vanity, the power of healing through comedy and human connection, his relationship with his wife, his kids, and his parents, SNL in the 90s and his Chris Farley story, the attempts to cancel Dave Chappelle, touring with Metallica, honoring the elderly, the media "circus," COVID ...

Explosive Rittenhouse Trial Moments and COVID Testing and Vaccines, with Robert Gruler, Dr. Michael Mina, and Brian Dressen | Ep. 201

Nov 11 • 01:33:44

Megyn Kelly is joined by Robert Gruler, criminal defense attorney, Dr. Michael Mina of the Harvard School of Public Health, and chemist Brian Dressen, to talk about the facts in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial and the case, the judge vs. prosecutor in the trial, the attacks in the media on the Rittenhouse judge, the attacks in the media on the judge, how testing can help end th...

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