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A podcast by a couple of business owners exploring the agony and the ecstasy of running a small business.

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029: The Skyscraper of Wealth — Tenant Improvements

Nov 20 • 25:16

This week, we continue building the Skyscraper of Wealth. Specifically, we're talking about refinements and efficiencies—what we call tenant improvements....

028: The Skyscraper of Wealth — Rough Construction

Nov 13 • 21:38

After last week's detour, we return to our discussion of the Skyscraper of Wealth. This week, we talk about walls, roofs, and other structural necessities. ...

027: Wherein Brett Finally Hires Somebody

Nov 6 • 44:06

We take a break from our Skyscraper of Wealth discussion to unpack the hows and whys of Brett's first contract hire. Andrew then explains in painful detail why he needs another person....

026: The Skyscraper of Wealth — Scaffolding

Oct 16 • 27:07

Once you've start building, you'll need to install some protections and tools to make sure you stay on track. This week, we discuss outfitting your Skyscraper of Wealth with scaffolding....

025: The Skyscraper of Wealth — Breaking Ground

Oct 9 • 25:15

We've done a lot of preliminary work. Now you're ready to start doing actual work. More specifically, the foundational work....

024: The Skyscraper of Wealth — Architectural Drawings

Oct 2 • 26:49

This week, we continue our discussion of the Skyscraper of Wealth. Now that you have a concept for what you want to build and you've validated your idea, you start designing the business using what we're calling Architectural Drawings....

023: The Skyscraper of Wealth — Permits and Lobbying

Sep 25 • 29:03

Before you build your skyscraper, you need to check with the neighbors and, possibly, the authorities. ...

022: The Skyscraper of Wealth — The Artist's Rendering

Sep 18 • 24:00

Before we begin doing anything, we need to figure out two things:...

021: Welcome to Season 3

Sep 11 • 23:03

This week, your boys are embarking on a new... thing....

020: The Existential Dread of Being in a Good Place

Sep 9 • 27:37

[Editor's note: This episode is out late. Uncle Brett regrets the error.]...

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