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Co-hosts Matthew & Rizzle interview the most interesting projects, artists, and creators in the NFT & crypto spaces. Proudly sponsored by Proof of Beauty Studios.

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Ribbit. An interview from the pond with FlyFrogs creators Josh & Molly

Dec 1 • 43:22

Matthew & Rizzle spoke with Josh & Molly about their ~ ribbit ~ PFP project called FlyFrogs. Full disclosure: Matthew owns a few FlyFrogs and Rizzle is Overlord of the Frogs or something super serious. We talk about the wild and crazy transition from their IRL gigs where Josh is a toy developer to launching and selling out an NFT PFP project in 2021. Of course we dig into ...

Getting to know Joe & Josh from Society of the Hourglass

Nov 24 • 53:10

Matthew & Rizzle spoke with Joe & Josh, co-creators of the pre-launch NFT PFP project Society of the Hourglass. The boys dove into what led Joe & Josh down the NFT rabbit hole, the genesis of Society of the Hourglass, pre-launch plans and ambitions and more. They also had a fun chat about what NFTs everyone (including Matthew & Rizzle) is collecting and why. ...

Azeem from on MARS

Nov 18 • 41:27

Diving down the PartyDAO rabbit hole with Steve K.

Nov 10 • 56:18

NFT.NYC is officially over so Matthew & Rizzle are back with a new episode of the MARS Podcast. This week the boys spoke with Steke K., one of the most important NFT whisperers in the space having worked on hugely innovative projects like Solvency by Ezra Miller, $ZOO Token, and most recently PartyDAO which is the main focus of the conversation. ...

Jusup talks about NFTS & West Coast Customs on MARS

Oct 27 • 45:56

Jusup from West Coast Customs jumped on MARS to explain why one of the premier custom auto outfits is jumping into NFTs. Our conversation touched on physical & digital collectibles, the collector mindset and much more....

Getting ready for the Dreamverse with Metapurse's Twobadour & Brooke

Oct 21 • 46:26

Two old friends, Twobadour & Brooke from Metapurse, jumped onto a call with Matthew & Rizzle to unpack everything they are planning with the Dreamverse *experience* set to launch in NYC coinciding with NFT.NYC on Thursday, November 4th (12 pm ET start time for the gallery portion and 8 pm ET start time for the PARTY). ...

Joseph from Jungle Cats jumps on MARS

Oct 13 • 47:54

This week Joseph from the Solana-based 3D Lion NFT project Jungle Cats jumped on MARS this week to speak with Matthew & Rizzle. The duo digs into the Solana project and also into the Solana ecosystem. Oh, and Rizzle got a pretty dope 3D lion too. ...

Dreaming up the future of Web3 with Jason from Bitlectro Labs

Oct 6 • 47:22

This week Matthew & Rizzle spoke with Jason, head of marketing at Bitlectro Labs (and professional magician).  Of course, we touch on Jason's relationship with magic and the connection to crypto, but we also unpack some of the exciting web3 experiments that Bitlectro Labs is running at the intersection of NFT PFPs, creative commons licensed music, digital art, and gaming. ...

Getting to know The Superstar Fam

Sep 29 • 46:05

This week Matthew & Rizzle jumped on a call with Don to discuss The Superstar Fam, or TFS for short. This project has a lot going on as you'll hear, and a lot of the project remains to be developed. They are aiming to create a non-binary PFP series of 10102 avatars initially that will help power a recurring loop of metaverse events utilizing a +1 pass that TFS holders will...

Going long on generative art with Dave from Proof of Beauty Studios

Sep 22 • 59:07

Matthew & Rizzle spoke with Dave from Proof of Beauty Studios (POB) this week. At first glance, and probably second and third glances too, POB may appear complicated, and you'd be correct. There is a lot going on under the hood with this project. Dave helps clarify what the heck POB is actually doing, which is amazingly fascinating once you unpack it a little. Over the cou...

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