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Ep. 847 - I Now Identify As A Bestselling Children’s Author

Nov 30 • 01:02:53

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, I am now a children’s author. My book went on sale yesterday, and it’s already making some people very upset. I’ll explain why today. Also, Joe Biden gives a press conference about the dreaded super mega turbo omicron variant. Lauren Boebert and Ilhan Omar attempt to patch up their differences over a phone call and it doesn’t go well. Chris Cu...

Ep. 846 - Waukesha Has Already Been Stuffed Down The Memory Hole

Nov 29 • 01:06:35

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, it’s been just a week since an anti-white racist massacred six people and injured dozens more at a Christmas parade. The media has already forgotten the attack. But we should not. Also, the robbery and looting epidemic continues to grip our cities. There is a mostly unexplored similarity between all of these incidents that we’ll talk about tod...

The time to fight is now

Nov 27 • 02:56

If you want to make a difference with your Black Friday deal shopping - if you want to join the fray and help us take back our country - become a Daily Wire member today. We need you with us in this fight....

Am I The Thanksgiving A**Hole? | Matt Walsh Decides Who's To Blame

Nov 25 • 13:23

Join Matt Walsh as he combs through Thanksgiving themed questions from Reddit's Am I The A**hole? forum....

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Nov 24 • 01:45

Ep. 845 - They Will Never Tell The Truth About The Waukesha Massacre

Nov 23 • 01:03:53

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, a day after a serial felon and career criminal mowed down dozens of people at a Christmas parade, Democrats are out in public calling for more criminals to be released into our communities. Meanwhile, the killer was a BLM supporter and apparent racist who carried out his attack an hour from Kenosha, two days after the Rittenhouse verdict. Will...

Ep. 844 - Demonic Media Sticks To Its Rittenhouse Narrative, Despite Jury Verdict

Nov 22 • 01:00:04

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, the jury in the Rittenhouse case gets it right while the media explodes in a blind rage. We’ll talk about the fall out from the not guilty verdict today. And, a man plows through a Christmas parade in Wisconsin, injuring dozens and killing many. Many aspects of this case make it inconvenient for the corporate media. We’ll talk about those fact...

Ep. 843 - Another Major Public School Sex Abuse Scandal

Nov 19 • 01:00:12

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, as yet another sex abuse scandal engulfs yet another public school system, an NBC News op-ed argues that parents should stop involving themselves in educational matters. To intrude in the schools is like interfering with your child’s surgery, they say. It’s a terrible analogy but revealing. Speaking of NBC, an MSNBC reporter was caught followi...

Ep. 842 - More Outrage Theater From Democrats

Nov 18 • 01:01:35

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, Democrats spend a day in Congress censuring and condemning a Republican for posting an offensive cartoon meme on his social media page. AOC says that anyone who doesn’t share in their outrage is a “nihilist.” But who are the real nihilists here? Also, the Daily Wire scores a major victory as OSHA suspends the Biden vaxx mandate. And huge, reco...

Biden Admin Suspends Vaccine Mandate — But The Fight Is Just Beginning

Nov 18 • 04:27

Daily Wire god-king Jeremy Boreing provides an update on the Daily Wire’s legal battle with the Biden administration over OSHA’s unconstitutional and tyrannical vaccine mandate. While the Biden administration has temporarily suspended the mandate amid the pending legal battle — this fight is just beginning. ...

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