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PREVIEW: The LA Riots w/Bryan Suits

Oct 25 • 09:51

MartyrMade Special Announcement + Notes on Notes Based on Notes From the Underground

Sep 21 • 01:04:00

This is a special announcement from The MartyrMade Podcast. I have been doing this podcast for several years now, and I think we probably have between 80-100 hours of material up. The kind of podcasts I do take a lot of work. I don’t have research assistants, I don’t have editors (obviously), and I don’t have anyone helping with the back-end, website, sound, or business op...

#20 – The Underground Spirit

Aug 31 • 05:07:50

There’s a quote always attributed to Winston Churchill – falsely, I think? – that goes something like, “If you’re not a liberal at 20, you have no heart. If you’re not a conservative by 30, you have no brain.” I’ve got a different version that I like a lot better, and it goes, “If you’re not reading Nietzsche at 20, you have no heart. But if you haven’t transitioned to Dos...

#19 – The Anti-Humans

May 31 • 03:59:30

History is replete with examples of leaders, nations, and empires who left a trail of blood behind them. But with the Bolshevik takeover of Russia after the First World War, something new crawled from the depths of the earth onto the surface of the world. Never before had a government shown such uninhibited savagery toward its own people, during peacetime, as a matter of p...

#18 – The Madame Butterfly Effect (bonus episode)

Nov 11 • 28:58

#17 – God’s Socialist, pt. 7: A Gallant, Glorious, Screaming End

Oct 17 • 07:57:45

Jim Jones and Peoples Temple follow the remnants of the 1970s radical left into the fire....

#16 – God’s Socialist, pt. 6: No Driver At The Wheel

Jun 15 • 02:42:26

This was originally intended to be part of the previous episode, but I decided to break them up....

#15 – God’s Socialist, pt. 5: The Wounded King

Jun 15 • 04:32:42

This episode begins where the ’60s end, when the radicalism of that decade crash headlong into the diminishing expectations of 1970s America. The Weather Underground veers off toward its explosive climax. As the idealism of the student movement is shunted into self-help fads and therapy sessions, what remaining energy of the radical left is drained into increasingly bizarr...

#14 - God's Socialist, pt. 4: Sex, Drugs & Revolution

Feb 10 • 06:37:58

This episode discusses the beginning of Peoples’ Temple’s slide into radicalism after Jim Jones leads his people to California. We also talk about the development of 1960s radical political movements, and Jonestown conspiracy theories....

#13 – God’s Socialist, pt. 3: Head North, Then Turn Left

Jun 24 • 04:02:19

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