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The Love Good Podcast with Jimmy Mitchell

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BECOME AN APOSTLE OF POST-CHRISTIAN CULTURE. With the help of our seasonal packages and online courses, learn how to bring beauty to the forefront of your life and build a culture of conversion within your family, parish, school, or organization. Subscribe as a patron today for full access!

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Let Beauty Speak (Principle #2: Freedom) | S7E3

Dec 7 • 25:47

How do you live with interior freedom in a world caught up in the slavery of sin? What role does virtue play in making you more human? This week, Jimmy unpacks our second principle in the art of being human: FREEDOM. We’re also days away from releasing his new book to all our patrons, so follow him on Instagram to learn how to subscribe before it's too late:

Let Beauty Speak (Principle #1: Wonder) | S7E2

Nov 30 • 34:23

How do you reclaim your childlike imagination in a culture of noise? How do you cultivate the kind of humility that allows you stand in awe before the mysteries of life? This week, Jimmy unpacks the great gift of WONDER as the first principle in what we call the “art of being human.” He also makes announcements about the launch of our new website and Love Good Academy to a...

Let Beauty Speak (Introduction) | S7E1 with Jimmy Mitchell

Nov 23 • 18:41

This week on the podcast, Jimmy sets the stage for Love Good Academy and lays the foundation for his brand new book "Let Beauty Speak: The Art of Being Human in a Culture of Noise". If you're wondering how to build a culture of conversion within your own family, parish, school, or organization, look no further. Love Good will inspire you to bring beauty to the forefront of...

A whole new way to Love Good | S6E15 with Marisol Alicea

Oct 26 • 42:35

Beauty changes people | S6E14 with Fr. Ryan Adorjan

Oct 19 • 35:36

Education: the backbone for human flourishing | S6E13 with Dr. Ryan Hanning

Oct 12 • 32:35

Ecumenism and Politics | S6E12 with Fr. Ryan Adorjan

Oct 5 • 28:39

Carrie Underwood and culture | S6E11 with Dr. Ryan Hanning

Sep 28 • 30:45

Friendship that sanctifies | S6E10 with Marsiol Alicea

Sep 21 • 32:18

Let‘s answer some questions | S6E9 with Fr. Ryan Adorjan

Sep 14 • 36:20

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