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We are all lost souls wandering this experience we call life. Finding ourselves and losing ourselves simultaneously, in all parts of our lives. Many people feel alone and at their lowest when they are feeling extremely lost. The Lost Souls Podcast is here to be a comfort for individuals who feelRead more

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EP 08: Lost in Purpose - Mid-20s Crisis

Apr 6 • 01:14:23

The transitional phase that no one really talks about: graduating college to the professional world.  This episode explores many of the emotions, feelings, and experiences one feels leading up to graduating college and then transitioning into the professional world.  This life transition is a huge part of many 20 year old's life experience but can often feel like someone t...

EP 07: Lost in Confidence - What Can Confidence Look Like in Your 20s

Mar 15 • 01:07:01

Is one of the differences between your 20s and 30s, lack of confidence for those in their 20s? I think that is a fair statement and have overwhelmingly witnessed talented 20 year old’s doubt their abilities in comparison with older and more experienced folks. I don’t believe this should be a pitting matter but is a common experience of those in their 20s. The idea of confi...

EP 06: Lost in Life - Rejecting the Conventional Life

Feb 23 • 56:59

The conventional life in the United States: go to school, graduate, apply for jobs, work a 9-5, get married, buy a house, have kids, and spend the rest of your life raising them.  There's nothing wrong with living the conventional life but there is something wrong with forcing everyone to live that way. ...

EP 05: Lost in Identity - Resenting Being Hmong

Feb 9 • 01:12:32

Growing up in predominately white areas as a BIPOC made it easy to always stick out.  It made it easy for me to avoid speaking my native language.  It made it easy for me to wish my parents spoke English.  It made it easy for me to not want to wear my traditional Hmong clothes.  It made it easy for me to resent my own ethnic identity, Hmong.  It made it easy for me to wish...

EP 04: Lost in Passion: Starting a Small Business with Villainous Flower

Jan 26 • 36:26

2020 forced many people to sit with their thoughts and think about what their true life passions are.  Many people either started or continued to grow their passion projects that sometimes turned into small businesses.  Living in a time of uncertainty can be extremely stressful but at the same time offers room for growth and new in sights.  ...

EP 03: Lost in Activism - Am I an Activist?

Jan 12 • 56:29

Moving communities forward, through social justice grounded work, is absolutely necessary to create a more equitable and just world.  Access to information about movement building and social justice work is becoming more readily available and many generations of people are starting to be more open to social justice work.  With the movement of normalizing activism work, the...

Mini Ep: Lost in White Supremacy - White Terrorism

Jan 7 • 20:54

This was a last minute recording in response to the current situation with pro-Trump supporters, that are White terrorist, storming the Capitol.  Conversations need to be had surrounding the topic of white supremacy, white terrorism, and how racism is backwards.  I bring in examples to talk and expand on those three topics.  

To move the United States forward, candid and re...

EP 02: Lost in Post Grad: Don't Lie to Yourself

Dec 28 • 30:17

It's the time of year to celebrate the graduates of Fall 2020, as a fresh batch of graduates just entered the professional world.  I will be talking about how life right after graduating from your undergrad, post grad, can be filled with moments of frustration and uncertainty but will eventually lead to growth.  I will emphasize the importance of not lying to yourself when...

EP 01.5: Lost in Love: Post half-decade long relationships. Don't do it! Just kidding.

Dec 17 • 41:58

EP 01.5: Lost in Love: Post half-decade long relationships.  Don't do it!  Just kidding: Join Juoodles and I as we continue our conversations about being lost in love in Part II of the Lost in Love episode.  We will focus on how the breakup happened, how we felt lost during and after the breakup, and in hindsight what did we learn and how did we change.  ...

EP 01: Lost in Love: Post half-decade long relationships. Don't do it! Just kidding.

Dec 14 • 50:09

Welcome back lost souls, to another episode of The Lost Souls Podcast.  Where we are all lost souls in a world and society that glorifies success.  This first season is called The Lost 20 Year Olds, where we will be amplifying stories of 20 year olds who are lost in all parts of their lives.  We publish episodes every other Monday, more frequently if needed.  ...

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