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An ongoing series of Executive Coaching Tips designed to help you be perceived in the workplace the way you want to be perceived.

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How To Build Self-Awareness

Jul 1 • 26:19

Self-awareness, like any muscle, can be built through discipline.In this episode, a leader learns two exercises to help build awareness of her thoughts and feelings....

The Democratic Leader

Jun 3 • 21:41

A new leader worries about having to become a dictator in order to meet her goals. She and her coach explore the challenges inherent in trying to be a truly democratic leader....

Tough Conversations

May 6 • 25:34

A leader, initially described to his coach as clueless, confronts a hard truth about himself. In the process, he gains a four-step tool to guide him through tough conversations....

Understanding Feedback

Apr 1 • 27:23

This month’s coaching conversation explores ways to make feedback more palatable. The secret: sort the feedback you receive into three distinct categories....

Unblocking Feedback

Mar 4 • 22:06

This month’s coaching conversation follows a client as he works to shrink his blind spot through feedback. He and Tom discuss lowering the barriers that stop us all from taking in feedback....

Blind Spots

Feb 4 • 27:51

This month’s coaching conversation features a leader too talented to lose but too troublesome to keep. Tom talks with him about blind spots and how he might reduce his....

The Show Must Go On

Jan 22 • 17:30

In this special episode, Tom tells a story of being onstage one night in front of a packed theatre audience when the show most definitely did NOT go on. He also shares the lesson he learned from that calamity — a lesson he has subsequently shared with the hundreds of leaders he’s coached who need confidence as presenters....

The Executive Executive

Jan 14 • 27:24

This month’s coaching conversation is between Tom and Courtney, another executive coach. What traits, they wonder, do effective executives share? If rising leaders wanted to reverse engineer what it means to be executives, what would they put in the mix?...

The Rising Executive

Dec 10 • 19:24

This month’s coaching conversation features a newly promoted leader. He and Tom explore the tools needed to build a strong team quickly....

Two dates & a gift — A bonus episode!

Nov 20 • 04:24

Two dates: Monday, November 30, 2020 The survey closes....

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