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The Long Hallway


The Long Hallway is a thriller anthology series, releasing every Tuesday and Thursday. Behind each door lurks a tale designed to send a chill down your spine. These bite-sized, flash-fiction stories are written by members of the Skylark Media team.

Popular episodes

Happy Halloween!

Oct 29 • 06:42

It's Halloween, and young Tommy has LOVED running around the neighborhood trick-or-treating with his father. Unfortunately for them, there isn't just candy waiting for them at the final house on their path....

12 | Neurosanguine Blues

Aug 15 • 07:52

In the season 1 finale: Somewhere on the border of the unconscious world, a doctor and patient explore. One of them doesn’t belong there....

11 | The Lighthouse

Aug 13 • 08:04

A man washes up on the shores of an island, and finds himself perhaps rescued by it’s sole occupant. He’ll be there for a while....

10 | Bang, Marry, Kill

Aug 8 • 10:12

Sierra and Marcy, best of friends, decide to play a game about some of the guys they know. Sierra’s decisions might come to haunt her....

9 | (This is My Cue) to Demateralize

Aug 6 • 10:05

Two sisters, similar in many ways, meet for a debate. Sophie can’t understand why Nina would have harmed herself. Yet....

8 | The Warehouse

Aug 1 • 07:38

Bradley and Allison Walker pay an urgent visit to a government warehouse. The soldier on duty might know too much....

7 | The Prisoner

Jul 30 • 06:54

Henry Morrison, bedridden and unwell, shares old war stories with a young girl who shouldn’t be speaking to him....

6 | Wetworks, Inc.

Jul 25 • 06:54

A man trapped in the family business pays a last-minute visit to a surprise client....

5 | Fiona

Jul 23 • 08:24

Fiona goes to the library to look for something from her past. She finds it....

4 | Billy Watson Makes His First Sale

Jul 18 • 07:53

Over his head and out of his depth, Billy Watson pays a visit to a woman planning her own funeral. Once she signs on the dotted line, everything will be taken care of....

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