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The Linking Slinkies Podcast


The Linking Slinkies Podcast hosted by Howie and Al. Just a couple of mates who thought they were pretty funny in high school and needed an excuse to catch up now that we are old dads with busy schedules. We hope to make just one person laugh every week, but if you don't, that's fine. We are just… Read more

Popular episodes

#21 - Welcome to Howie & Al & G-Town

Dec 5 β€’ 01:10:56

Welcome to Howie & Al Town.  ...

#20 - The Roast of Howie & Al

Nov 28 β€’ 49:33

Pepper your Angus for this one cause Howie & Al roast each other.  ...

#19 - Let The Feathers Fly

Nov 21 β€’ 48:46

Howie and Al take a trip down memory lane and remember some Little Nicky and also talk about a cool excursion they went on in High School....

#18 - You Know What Really Grinds My Gears! Part 2!

Nov 14 β€’ 01:02:31

#17 - One Man Band

Nov 7 β€’ 56:45

On this weeks Episode Howie and Al take on the tough topic of what is the best instrument (SPOILERS It's not a recorder).

Al talks about how everything makes him cry now that he is a dad and is sure it will happen to Howie soon.

Halloween in Australia yeah or yeahnah?...

#16 - Howie and Pal

Oct 31 β€’ 01:00:09

On this weeks Episode of the Howie and Pal Podcast I mean Howie and Al Podcast, we take a deep dive into the past at what could have been. We find out who is Pal and also work out if the boys are going to make a TV show one day....

#15 - Overhyped

Oct 24 β€’ 01:20:23

The hype is real on this one! Howie and Al discuss things that just don't up to their expectations and are way over hyped.  ...

#14 - You Wont Believe This Episode!? (GONE SEXUAL) πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜

Oct 17 β€’ 01:01:37


#13 - Kick The Bucket List

Oct 10 β€’ 01:08:53

On this weeks Episode of The Linking Slinkies Podcast Howie and Al talk about what is on their Bucket List. Who knew how different they could be. Who else wants to visit the Eiffel Tower? ...

#12 - Whose Podcast Is It Anyway?

Oct 3 β€’ 01:03:25

On this weeks Episode we discuss how much we just love comedy and some of our favorite Podcasts and Stand up comedians.  ...

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