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The Lineup with Dave Prodan - A Surfing Podcast


World Surf League’s Dave Prodan breaks things down with influential figures from all across the surf landscape. Hear their behind-the-scenes stories and unfiltered opinions to get a deeper sense of who they are and how they’ve influenced the sport and culture of surfing.

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EP 94: Ezekiel Lau - The wild past year of his career, His road back to the Championship Tour, Haleiwa, Competing against a stacked class of surfers since childhood, Snapt 4, The Ultimate Surfer, Choosing power, and The best surfer ever at Pipeline

Nov 30 • 01:23:19

Championship Tour surfer Ezekiel Lau joins the podcast to talk about the wild past year of his career. He describes focusing all his energy on the upcoming Challenger Series finale at Haleiwa, how different it is to prepare for Haleiwa vs Pipe, the expectations put on him as a local Hawaiian surfer, and requalifying for the CT after a year away. He looks back at his journe...

EP 93: Travis Logie - Inventing the Finals format, WSL's new three-tier system, Top moments from a decade on tour, The Golden Age of the Quiksilver team, His road from Durban to the CT, Jordy Smith hype, and Promising young South African surfers

Nov 23 • 01:20:22

Former Championship Tour surfer and current WSL Senior Manager of Tours & Competition Travis Logie talks about the massive changes in pro surfing over the past few seasons. Hear straight from the mouth of the inventor of the Rip Curl WSL Finals format how he came up with the idea, how it became a reality, and how he thought it worked in its first year. He describes the new...

Re-Air: Ep 56: Dr. Easkey Britton - The 30x30 petition and We Are One Ocean campaign, Blue Health, The Irish surf scene, and the Top 5 ways the ocean can benefit your health

Nov 16 • 01:24:12

Irish marine social scientist and big wave surfer Dr. Easkey Britton talks about the We Are One Ocean campaign and the 30x30 petition that calls on world leaders to protect 30% of our shared one ocean by the year 2030. She dives deep into Blue Health and the countless proven mental and physical benefits of being in the ocean, from the healing effects of the water on PTSD, ...

EP 92: The Break Room - A very busy “Offseason,” Challenger Series highlights, A potentially star-studded rookie class, WSL PURE, The We Are One Ocean petition, Mental Health in surfing, Equal pay, and Our biggest 2022 Championship Tour predictions

Nov 9 • 01:17:11

In the latest “Break Room” episode of the podcast, host Dave Prodan speaks with a panel of fellow WSL employees that work across the league. Get insights from inside headquarters on the Championship Tour’s “offseason,” the Challenger Series, and WSL PURE’s We Are One Ocean petition. To start, the crew describes what they’ve been working on since the World Champions were cr...

EP 91: Jamie Brisick - Stories from a life in surfing, The difference between pro surfers then and now, Malibu in the 70s and 80s, Transforming from surfer to writer, Finding creativity, Life after the tour, Studying in Japan, and his new upcoming film

Nov 2 • 01:50:42

Writer, journalist, and former professional surfer Jamie Brisick talks about the many phases of his life in surfing. He starts by telling the story of his entrance to the sport, growing up in Los Angeles in the Valley and earning his spot in the lineup at Malibu, using surfing as the way to escape suburban mediocrity, competing as an amateur, and having big dreams to pursu...

EP 90: Honolua Blomfield - Winning the Longboard World Title at Malibu, Competing fiercely while appearing calm, North Shore origins, Her current quiver, Her longboard inspirations, and What’s next for the three-time champ

Oct 26 • 01:00:21

Three-time WSL Longboard World Champion Honolua Blomfield talks about her recent World Title win at Malibu. She describes what it was like to clinch the title at such an iconic wave, her first time surfing Malibu at age 10, feeling support from the longboard community there, and what another title means for her personally and career-wise. She dissects her mentality during ...

EP 89: Alejandro Moreda - The Ultimate Surfer experience, Puerto Rico’s strong surf scene, Defining North Shore moments, QS adventures, Andy Irons, surfing for Billabong, the 2010 Rip Curl Search event, and Growing up on the “Hawaii of the East Coast”

Oct 19 • 01:30:17

The Ultimate Surfer competitor and Puerto Rican pro surfer Alejandro Moreda about his surfing origins, growing up on the “Hawaii of the East Coast,” charging big waves, and adjusting to small wave contests once he decided to leave and pursue the tour. He describes his early years on the Qualifying Series alongside Dylan Graves and Brian Toth, banding together around a drea...

Re-Air: EP 28: Britt Merrick - Channel Islands origins, The weirdest board he’s ever shaped, Coping with tragedy, Carrying the torch, Working with pros, The future of surfboard shaping, Pro model boards, and Shark talk

Oct 12 • 01:34:24

EP 88: The Break Room - The Rip Curl WSL Finals recap (with pizza), Standouts from Lower Trestles, US Open highlights, The next generation of superstar women, The Challenger Series. Kelly Slater chairs, Listener mailbag, and A very fond farewell

Oct 5 • 01:23:40

In the all-new “Break Room” episode of the podcast, host Dave Prodan speaks with a panel of fellow WSL employees that work across the league. Get insights from inside headquarters on the title-deciding Rip Curl WSL Finals, the Challenger Series, and more. First, the crew revisits their predictions for the Finals, awards pizza to the winning team, chooses their standout per...

EP 87: Courtney Conlogue - The US Open, Her comeback 2021 season, Waves of consequence on tour, Recovering from serious concussions, Strike mission to Tahiti, The effects of social media, and Her thoughts on the Rip Curl WSL Finals

Sep 28 • 01:28:28

Championship Tour star and Huntington Beach local Courtney Conlogue joins the podcast to talk about the US Open and her comeback 2021 season. The two-time US Open winner discusses the iconic event held in her hometown, how it holds a special place in her heart, and using her local knowledge to her advantage. She describes competing after taking a year off from surfing whil...

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