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The Learning Geeks podcast is dedicated to those that passionately support the world in experiencing better learning. The podcast is hosted by three learning professionals - Bob Gerard, Dana Koch, and Jake Gittleson. In each episode, we dedicate time to talk about the things impacting the learningRead more

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S4 E03: How to Learn Like an Intern (feat. Arya Bedi and Jackson Gerard)

Nov 4 • 31:29
We've talked a lot about the other 'ships' of learning, including mentorships and apprenticeships, but have yet to explore internships. We're joined by Jackson Gerard and Arya Bedi who have taken up an internship within L&D. While sharing their experiences, the learning techniques used by both are an inspiring lesson on how to apply the same tactics within our current role...

S4 E02: Responsible Assessments (feat. John Kessler)

Oct 14 • 30:33
When you hear assessments, you may think of that bad college exam or immediately stress at being judged, however, assessments can be essential for the learning process when used responsibly. John Kessler, Certification and Assessment Lead at Accenture, joins the show to discuss responsible assessments, what it means, the various ways to assess (e.g., learning checks, cogni...

S4 E01: Unlearn what you have learned (??)

Sep 21 • 29:16
Was Master Yoda wrong this entire time? Can you really unlearn what you have learned? We discuss this very question with special guest Clare Norman, Professional Certified Coach. We discuss the science of unlearning, why it’s something you can’t do, how you recognize that the old way of thinking is no longer useful, and how you have the courage to develop the new learning....

S3 E16: L&D's Role in Employee Experiences (feat. Joe Pine)

Jul 20 • 32:40
Joe Pine, co-author of “The Experience Economy” and co-founder of Strategic Horizons, joins the show to discuss the importance of Learning and Development and the role in employee experiences. In our chat with Joe, he explains the definition of experience, what L&D gets wrong with employee experiences, how the pandemic has impacted the types of experiences we expect, and m...

S3 E15: Learning Technology and Science Trends in 2021 (feat. Alexandria Clapp)

Jun 30 • 34:43
Alexandria Clapp, content manager for Learning Technologies and Sciences at ATD, joins the show to share her top trends across the L&D and Talent industry. We discuss the meaning and potential impact for the industry and ways we can become catalysts for these trends.

We are seeking interested participants to join us ...

S3 E14: Immersive Play, Brain Hacks, and Why We Love This Profession

Jun 3 • 37:17
On a beautiful spring afternoon, each of us came into the show with a topic to discuss for our version of an NPR open table discussion. Bob shares his return to Galaxy’s Edge and how it relates to immersive play. Dana and Bob share the story of Brain hacks and how we can teach our friends and family how to use them. And Jake shares why he feels privileged to be in this pro...

S3 E13: The Journey from Knowing to Doing (feat. Bob Mosher)

May 12 • 38:49
Chief Learning Evangelist Bob Mosher joins the show to discuss the importance of bringing learning closer to work and how L&D can bring the most impact to the learner. Bob breaks down the 5 Moments of Needs, defining the meaning of ‘apply’, tips on finding the best subject matter expert, how to get started, and much more.

If you have any feedback or want to ...

S3 E12: Why Cognitive Apprenticeship is New Again (feat. Lisa Christensen)

Apr 22 • 32:18
What was once old is new again – which is why we are discussing Cognitive Apprenticeship with Lisa Christensen, Director of Learning and Development at McKinsey & Company. Jake and Lisa completed a study last year to learn how Covid-19 has impacted learning through apprenticeship. As a result, Lisa went deeper into the field of Cognitive Apprentice to determine how it can ...

S3 E11: Mentorship and Learning - Are They Keys to Employee Retention?

Apr 7 • 33:24
After five years of research working with over 180 organizations and interviewing 10,000 employees, Clint Pulver joins the show to share key findings on why mentorship and learning were key reasons why organizations retain their employees. This work was part of his "Undercover Millennial" research which led to his upcoming book "I Love it Here". Throughout the show, Clint ...

S3 E10: The Challenge of Making Learning Mandatory

Mar 24 • 28:21
Regardless of how important the topic is, are you compelled to learn something when someone else requires you to learn it? As learning professionals, we are faced with this challenge often. Should we make learning topics mandatory? Or should we avoid it entirely (minus the legal stuff) and focus on motivating? To help us discuss and debate this topic, special guest Michell...

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