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Join entrepreneur, technology investor, and self-experimenter Kevin Rose as he explores new ways to reach peak personal and professional performance. In this "podcast for the curious," Kevin interviews technologists, scientists, meditators, self-experimenters, and productivity hackers to discoverRead more
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Best Episodes

Building Wealthfront and Benchmark Capital - Andy Rachleff

Oct 13, 2020

"Invest your time learning about your career vs trying to beat the stock market"



Andy Rachleff is one of the most influential and successful Venture Capitalists of all time. In this episode, we discuss the traits of successful entrepreneurs, what makes a good idea, product-market fit (a term Andy coined), building Wealthfront, how to hire, doubling down on what's working, dayRead more

Hacking money, travel, and points with Chris Hutchins

Nov 30, 2017


Chris Hutchins (ex-Google) is the go-to personal finance hacker for many executives in Silicon Valley. In this episode, Chris teaches us how to select the best credit card for points, earning extra income with your house, how and when to retire (the 4% rule), budgeting tools, and his new startup,Read more

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