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The Kate and Colby Show is about Holistic Care for the Soul. We explore all the things (marriage, parenting, church, religion, faith, and more) through a Progressive Christian lens, empowering YOU to truly thrive.

Popular episodes

The Connection Between Faith & Social Justice (w/ Rev Jen Butler)

Jul 21 • 01:17:59

Rev Jennifer Butler has the heart of a community organizer and is the founding Executive Director of Faith in Public Life, which works to change the narrative about the role of faith in politics, wins major policy victories, and empowers religious leaders to fight for the common good....

More Like Jesus Now Than When I was a Christian (with Susan Cottrell)

Jul 14 • 01:19:42

When Susan Cottrell was faced with the decision to either support her daughter (who'd just come out as a lesbian) or maintain alignment with her evangelical church, she chose her child....

Drag, TikTok, and Gender Wholeness (with Flamy Grant)

Jul 8 • 01:37:03

When Matthew Lovegood posted a video-sermon on TikTok--while transforming into Flamy Grant--he had no clue it would go on to be viewed almost one million times (see it here:

When You and Your Life Partner Believe Differently

Jun 29 • 00:00

What do you do in a close relationship when one of you starts shifting to new/different ideas and beliefs? Maybe it’s religious beliefs, or political… but suddenly, you (or your partner) are not on the same page anymore. Scary, right?...

Saints Whose Stories Need Told (with Daneen Akers)

Jun 8 • 01:24:08

What do you do when you're trying to raise kids in this world and you don't want them weighed down with some of the same religious baggage you had, but you also want to contribute to shaping their values and inspiring them to see what it means to show up in the world for things like justice and peace?...

How a Progressive Tolerance Demands a Kind of Intolerance

Jun 1 • 01:24:56

Welcome to The GARAGE Sessions! Beginning with Season 6, The Kate & Colby Show became a LIVE show on YouTube and Facebook. Which we love. AND, we also miss the old days of just sitting down talking to each other about life, love, heartache, faith, and all the other good stuff....

Breaking the Religious Ties Between Sex and Shame (with Dr Tina Schermer Sellers)

May 19 • 01:35:14

Many of us were raised where all things sex was either ignored/repressed on one end, or made the center of the universe (in a bad way) on the other. This created so much Shame. Dr Tina Schermer Sellers is here to help....

How Bread Can Save Us All (with Emily Scott)

May 12 • 01:41:58

In Consideration of New Evangelicals (with Tim Whitaker, aka, @TheNewEvangelicals)

May 5 • 01:23:39

Whatever it is, the way you tell your story online can make all the difference....

Permission for a Righteous Ruckus (with Your Favorite Aunts)

Apr 28 • 01:48:05
YouTube Thumbnails-6.png

From skincare to soul care, heartache to home decor, mixed bevies to messy feels, The Rev Sarah Heath and The Kevin Garcia (aka, Your Favorite Aunts) are here to slay. Join us as we romp through the weird world of spirituality, sexuality, psychology, and fun, all the while receiving permission to enjoy and create a righteous ruckus. Check out Your Favorite Aunts podcast: h...

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