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Author of "So You Thought You Knew" and "The Secret to Awesomeness"

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Neville Goddard - God And I Are One - 1972 (SO EMPOWERING!)

Dec 2 • 03:47

Do you wanna know the truth about you and God? In this episode, I share an eye-opening Neville Goddard teaching (in his own voice!) of how you and God are ONE. Once you get this ... YOU’LL FEEL LIMITLESS!...


Nov 30 • 06:01

Wanna learn how to literally control your day? In this episode, I share a powerful Neville Goddard (morning) technique that’ll teach you how to manifest your ideal day? Once you try this routine ... YOUR LIFE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME!...

How to Find ANY Lost Item (THIS REALLY WORKS!) | Neville Goddard

Nov 25 • 03:48

Wanna learn how to effortlessly find your lost or stolen items? In this episode, I share an eye-opening (and funny) Neville Goddard story (in his own voice!) of how a woman was able to recover her stolen items in the most unusual way. Once you learn this cool technique ... YOU CAN FIND ANYTHING!...

Maintaining Your IDEAL State of Mind (YOU MUST DO THIS!) | Neville Goddard | Law of Assumption

Nov 23 • 05:25

Can you remain in your ideal state when your environment is discouraging? In this episode, I share an awesome Neville Goddard story which proves that you can remain in your desired state, even when others are trying to influence you the other way. Once you get this ... NOTHING WILL EVER SHAKE YOU!...

Neville Goddard - I Have A Lavish, Steady, Dependable Income (Money Affirmation) | Robert Millikan

Nov 18 • 03:02

Want to create wealth no matter what your situation is? In this episode, In this latest video, I share an inspiring Neville Goddard message (in his own voice!) revealing one of the most powerful affirmations shared by Dr. Robert Millikan. Once you say this sentence every day ... YOUR LIFE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME!...

Self Talk Creates Reality (You Need To Hear This!) | NEVILLE GODDARD

Nov 16 • 05:44

Is it possible to change ANY situation? In this episode, I share an eye-opening Neville Goddard story which proves that "others only echo that which we whisper to them in secret." Once you understand what this truly means ... YOU CAN LITERALLY SOLVE ANY PROBLEM!...

Neville Goddard - You Must Be In It, To Activate It (SUPER POWERFUL!)

Nov 11 • 05:27

How do you activate a state of consciousness? In this episode, I share an eye-opening Neville Goddard teaching (in his own voice!) on how to activate a state. Once you learn this secret ... YOU CAN MANIFEST ANYTHING!...

How to GUARANTEE Your Manifestation Will Come (THIS WORKS!) | Neville Goddard

Nov 9 • 04:55

How do you guarantee your manifestation will come? In this episode, I share a powerful Neville Goddard teaching on why certain thoughts manifest. Once you understand this mechanism ... YOUR DESIRE WILL DEFINITELY COME!...

Neville Goddard Is “The Mad Mystic of 48th Street”...HERE‘S WHAT HAPPENS TO THOSE CALL HIM INSANE!

Nov 4 • 01:36

Is Neville Goddard the “real deal”? In this episode, Neville Goddard (in his own voice!) talks about how he was referred to as “The Mad Mystic of 48th street.”...

Neville Goddard - How Abdullah Taught Neville The Law (POWERFUL!) | The Ethiopian Rabbi

Nov 2 • 06:51

How can you manifest your intense desire? In this episode, I share one of my absolute favorite Neville Goddard stories (in his own voice!) of the time his teacher, Abdullah, taught him how to manifest an “impossible” situation. Once you get this ... NO POWER ON EARTH CAN STOP YOU!...

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