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Legendary film director, Josh Mann, takes advantage of the modern medium of podcasting to share his film-making genius with a world in need. In each episode, Mr. Mann will tackle a different aspect of movie making, breaking it down so that even a complete idiot could understand. If anyone can speakRead more

Popular episodes

Trailer: Season 2 of the Josh Mann Podcast

Nov 12 • 01:03

Episode 007: Mr. Mann's Tips to "Youthenize" Yourself

Apr 14 • 09:55

Episode 006: Creating a Positive Atmosphere on Set or All Squirrels Go to Heaven

Sep 23 • 11:27

Episode 005: The Moment of Conception

Sep 7 • 13:01

On the latest episode of A Masterclass in Film Making, Mr. Mann explains his understanding of the moment of conception, leading the listeners through some practical steps to brainstorm their film concept.   He also shares about the time he met his hero, film maker Robert Rodriguez.  And Bethanie may or may not be able to move things with her mind....

Episode 004: What To Do When You Can't Push It Out

Aug 14 • 12:09

On this most recent episode of the world's greatest podcast for film makers, directing genius, Josh Mann gives the listeners a practical exercise that they can do when they find themselves facing writer's block.  We also learn that Mr. Mann really likes laser tag, doesn't understand how credit cards work, and may be the target of a beat-down by today's sponsor....

Episode 003: The Importance of Hiring Stupid People

Aug 5 • 12:15

In the third installment of this magnificent podcast, Josh Mann, the greatest film director in history, delves into the topic of hiring people for your film crew.  Mr. Mann explains why it's of the utmost importance to hire people who are dumber than you are.  Bethanie, his trusty producer, is somehow offended by this concept....

Episode 002: Mr. Mann Talks Procreating

Aug 5 • 11:11

Episode 001: Introducing Mr. Mann

Aug 5 • 12:15

Film Maker Extraordinaire, Josh Mann, is finally bringing all of his years of smarts to you, the listener, in hopes that you may, someday, be as awesome as he is.  Joined by his intern producer, Bethanie Shiplap, Mr. Mann shares his excitement about the new podcast, as well as a brief overview of his career in films....

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