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The John Maxwell Leadership Podcast

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The John Maxwell Leadership Podcast is a regular examination of what it means to be a transformational leader—someone who daily influences people to think, speak, and act to make a positive difference in their lives and in the lives of others. This podcast will teach you the principles, practices,Read more

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Focus on the Future

Nov 24 • 32:13

Happy Thanksgiving, Podcast Family! As many of you know, here in the U.S., we take this week of Thanksgiving to spend time with loved ones and reflect on the things that we are grateful for. Gratitude is truly a trait of great leaders. But, as we take time to look back on the past, let’s also not lose sight of our brilliant futures. Today on the podcast, John Maxwell share...

Leader-Vision: How to See and Sculpt the Future

Nov 17 • 37:55

Today we’re talking about “Leader-Vision!” If that sounds like a superpower, well, it kind of is! You see, leaders have the ability to see the future––what could be and should be. You don’t need a crystal ball or a fortune teller to show you the future, because leaders are the people that form the future. Today on the podcast, John Maxwell is going to share his take on wha...

Engaging and Developing Others

Nov 10 • 21:57

This week, we’re are talking about one of the most crucial aspects of successful leadership––developing others. You see, John Maxwell says, “One is too small of a number to achieve greatness.” Everything that you will accomplish as a leader ultimately hinges on the people you have around you. And it’s your responsibility as a leader to engage and empower your people to be ...

The Formula for Healthy, Effective Leadership

Nov 3 • 31:16

This week on The John Maxwell Leadership Podcast, John Maxwell teaches the Formula for Healthy, Effective Leadership. It seems like whenever someone says they have a simple formula to solve a very complex problem, it must be too good to be true. Well, in many cases it probably is. But, you will find in John’s lesson how these four components of healthy, effective leadershi...

Trust Busters and Trust Builders

Oct 27 • 36:45

Trust is the foundation of leadership. If people don’t trust their leader, they won’t follow their leader. That’s because trust is the ground upon which relationships are built. This week on The John Maxwell Leadership Podcast, John discusses five trust buster and five trust builders that every leader should know in order to ensure they are building a culture of trust in t...

The DNA of Great Decision Making

Oct 20 • 41:35

If you’re a leader, or… honestly… just a living, breathing human being, you make important decisions every day. And with every decision you make comes the pressure to make the right choice. That can seem daunting––even overwhelming at times. That’s why, this week, John Maxwell is going to teach four important components of great decision-making. This really is a practical ...

What Your Attitude Can Do for You (Part 2)

Oct 13 • 34:05

Last week John taught what your attitude cannot do for you. This week you’re going to learn how your attitude, perspective, and posture as a leader can greatly improve your leadership, relationships, and help you overcome challenges in business and in life....

What Your Attitude Can Do for You (Part 1)

Oct 6 • 34:42

This week we’re beginning a new series called “What Your Attitude Can Do for You!” But, just to keep things interesting, in part one, we’ve decided to let John tell you what your attitude CANNOT do for you. You see, many leaders think that attitude can make up for necessary traits like competence, or experience, or even personal growth. But, as John says, “Attitude isn’t e...

How to Have Tough Conversations

Sep 29 • 37:38

Tough conversations are inevitable in leadership. We all know that. The best leaders lean into tough conversations even though they’re uncomfortable. That’s because great leaders understand that tough conversations usually spark an opportunity for growth and expansion. Whether you’re delivering bad news or correcting someone’s misstep, having the tough conversation with so...

Self-Sabotage: Getting Out of Your Own Way (Part 2)

Sep 22 • 45:41

As we conclude our series on self-sabotage, John Maxwell teaches the final five most common self-sabotaging traits for leaders. You’ll learn what to do when you’re surrounded by negative people, how leaders should handle failure, and the importance of having a teachable attitude....

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