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The Job Free Economy

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The Job Free Economy is a networking and education platform I created to help people quit their job and never worry about money again.I do this by helping them by make the transition from the employment world to owning a scalable business and using the cash flow from that business to createRead more

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Trust Your Gut - Sunk Cost Bias

Dec 2 • 11:19

We often continue to pursue things that are not in our best interest.

Mostly we do this because of how much money, time, or emotion we have already poured into our pursuit.

When your gut is telling you something isn't going to work out, we need to pay attention and at least do some reflecting on why.

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It's Easy To Say Yes

Nov 18 • 03:16

There are so many people and things we say YES to, and many of them don't serve our ultimate purpose or best interests.

But it's so easy.

Joe takes a look at the downside of temporary ease, and points us toward greater long term gain.

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The Income Reducers

Nov 11 • 03:28

If you ever seem to be getting stuck in life, there may be some very real issues standing in your way of the success you want.

Sometimes things come along in life that seem to bring a little bit of happiness and peace, but they end up being detrimental to your overall drive and desire.

Joe calls these things "income reducers."

Do you have any income reducers in your life?


Why Do People Suffer Instead Of Change

Nov 4 • 09:59

Why do people choose to live in a situation that they would rather not be in?

What keeps people in an unsatisfying life?

Joe gives us three main reasons he believes people would rather stay where they are than move toward something better.

Are you using any of these reasons to stay stuck rather than embracing the changes that will bring you a more satisfying life?

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How Do You Find A Good Value? Driving Thoughts 22

Oct 28 • 11:34

Prices are going up on so many basic things right now - building materials, clothes, food, gasoline, cars and more...

So in times like these, how do you find a good value?

Joe is driving today and comes up with six great answers to this questions.

The answer is surprising and enlightening.

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Cash Flow And Change - Driving Thoughts 21

Oct 21 • 03:54

You Already Have Everything You Need To Succeed - Driving Thoughts 20

Oct 14 • 05:55

Everything you could possibly want out of life is within your reach - beginning only with what you have right now. There are no limitations to what you can build using your current situation. Joe is driving around thinking about how this all works - coming up with some supercharged ideas, and we get to listen in!

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Are You Living By Default? Driving Thoughts 19

Oct 7 • 02:01

Most people fall into the life that they are in. They let their circumstances dictate how their lives flow. Their parents, the neighborhood they grew up in, the school they went to, and the friends they were around are the determining factors in what they become.

But people aren't stuck there. They can determine the course of their own lives by a few simple choices. Are yo...

How One Person Can Make You Rich - Driving Thoughts 18

Sep 30 • 03:26

At one point in his life, Joe had a poverty mindset. The world looked negative every day, and it didn't seem like things would ever get better. One person in his network recognized this and gave Joe one piece of information that changed his direction forever. Anyone can take part in this change - you simply have to reach out to forward-moving people.

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A Small Shift In One Habit Will Bring BIG Results - Driving Thoughts 17

Sep 23 • 07:36

The future is not made out of giant leaps of progress, but of small changes to habits that compound over time. If you learn which little tweaks to make, you can adjust the entire trajectory of your life and head towards an entirely new future - one you get to design!

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