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Today’s healthcare system is flawed. Break free from the limitations of “sick-care” and discover what it means to live life FULLY optimized. A former champion men’s physique competitor and current 4x international best selling author in the optimized health care space, Jay Campbell is a globalRead more

Popular episodes

Numerology Has The Power to Teach Us More About Ourselves Than We Ever Anticipated...Here’s Why w/Michael Smith

Nov 29 • 01:07:55

Many are still of the mindset that increasing our consciousness and raising our vibration is ‘woo woo,’ but what if we had numbers to back it?...

Loving ALL: How to Live Life As Love Itself w/Biji and Mikko Carrea

Nov 22 • 01:05:16

We talk about love all the time, but if we want to truly become the embodiment of that love, we have to become more conscious about it. ...

There's No Time Limit On Embracing Your Truest Self: Ted Bach On Coming Out In His 80s

Nov 15 • 47:24

Many of us can relate to ‘going along to get along,’ especially when it comes to our identities, but by denying ourselves the opportunity to step into our truest, most authentic selves, we’re only hindering our own quality of life. ...

Esther Blum on Teaching Our Children To Not Only Survive, But THRIVE in a Contaminated World

Nov 8 • 57:05

We live in a world full of contaminants, and as parents, making the 'right' choices for our health isn't always cut and dry....

Episode 300 Part 2: Up Your Immune System And Boost Your Body's Resilience To Illness w/Danny Vega

Nov 1 • 01:26:57

Ours is a world riddled with disease, but that doesn’t mean we’re destined to catch any bug that comes along. If we steel our immune systems like we’re preparing for battle, we can protect ourselves from just about anything. ...

Episode 300: Danny Vega on Protecting Humanity In A Time of Widespread Bifurcation and Turmoil

Oct 25 • 01:16:01

We’re in an age of intense bifurcation, rapidly hurtling towards a transhumanist reality. The question is, is there anything we can do to stop it?...

Use Your DNA to Formulate Your Best Roadmap to Optimization w/Joe Cohen

Oct 18 • 44:49

Individuals respond differently to different things, so why should we expect our health to be the exception to the rule? If we want to function at our optimal level, we have to take an individualized approach. ...

Sean McCormick Part 2: Connect With Your Higher Self to Raise Your Vibration to a Whole New Level

Oct 11 • 01:49:38

The ONLY goal for our souls is to awaken, and while that’s no small feat, it is possible for us to do the work to bring our souls closer to that point. ...

The BIGGEST Misconceptions About the Golden Age (And What's Stopping us From Raising Our Vibration) w/Sean McCormick

Oct 4 • 53:37

Raising our vibration is the first step towards indescribable bliss and optimal love creation. The problem is, many of us have been misled on what the process of increasing our consciousness entails....

What's Stopping You From Reaching a Higher State of Consciousness? w/Clayten Stedmann and Jeffrey Stegman

Sep 27 • 53:58

There is no better way to optimize our love creation than through raising our vibration, but the question on many people’s minds is, how? ...

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