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“Build Back Bankrupt”; “Climate Justice”- Do Minorities Care? | Guests: Cong. Sessions, D. Hollie

Nov 24 • 01:39:15

Congressman Pete Sessions, Member of the House Committee on Financial Services, joins us to break down Congress’ new spending spree (Is it really about infrastructure, energy and environment issues?) and what it means for your children’s future. - - - - - Jacki reviews the lowlights of U.S. participation at the Glasgow Climate Conference. - - - - - Derrick Hollie of Projec...

Heat or Eat? Americans Must Choose as Energy Prices Soar; Is ESG a Scam? | Guests: Lukianoff, Holt

Nov 12 • 01:33:27

Jacki talks with Greg Lukianoff, co-author of The Coddling of the American Mind: How Good Intentions and Bad Ideas are Setting Up a Generation for Failure, about why the younger generation is fragile, motivated by fear, and easily manipulated by false narratives. Then, David Holt, President of Consumer Energy Alliance, returns to the show to review “Heat or Eat: Tough Choi...

Censorship Kills; 700 Dead in TX Storm?; US Frac’ers Tame Gas Prices; Are Vaccine Mandates Legal?

Oct 28 • 01:32:20

Daniel Turner of Power the Future joins Jacki to explain that Big Tech censorship, particularly on issues of science, is hurting the nation. - - - - - Then, the death toll from the February Texas power grid failure is now estimated to be somewhere between 700 and 1,000 dead. Jacki explains how the official state death count of 150 is only part of the picture, how we know t...

‘National Divorce’; Energy Costs Mean Choosing Between Heating and Eating| Guest: D. Reaboi

Oct 25 • 59:20

Is a “national divorce” in our future? David Reaboi, the mind behind the “Late Republic Nonsense” Substack newsletter, joins Jacki to review his new, widely circulated piece: “National Divorce is Expensive, but Worth Every Penny.”Reaboi outlines how America could well become two separate cultural and economic zones. - - - - - Next, European countries are making such poor c...

Unfreezing the Truth; Environmentalists are MIA| Guests: J. Zadrozny, C. Woodward, J. Isaac (TPPF)

Oct 13 • 01:33:03

Hundreds of Texans died in the February winter storm. These deaths were entirely preventable, yet Texas – and many other states – are positioned to experience a repeat due to false narratives against fossil fuels and nuclear energy. Jason Isaac of TPPF explains on this episode – and in a new PragerU video. - - - - -...

Climate Change Facts Dispel Fear; Oil, Gas, & Coal Shortages Bring Food and Electricity Shortages

Oct 7 • 01:27:25

This episode: Fear is the strongest driver for most people. Poll: 45% of people aged 16-25 live in such extreme fear of climate change that it impacts their daily lives. Half of young Americans think “humanity is doomed.” Would expected climate change actually bring “doom”? The climate is changing, humans are contributing, but our ability to manage our impact on the planet...

Woke Inc., A Corporate Scam; Electric Vehicle Dangers | Guests: V. Ramaswamy; G. Wrightstone

Sep 22 • 01:29:37

Why do big tech and corporate America go out of their way to offend half of their customer base? Is filing a civil rights lawsuit a mechanism to fight back against woke corporations forcing their ideology on you as an employee? Vivek Ramaswamy, author of  WOKE INC. :  INSIDE CORPORATE AMERICA’S SOCIAL JUSTICE SCAM tells Jacki and her listeners the answers to these question...

Feds To Track Your Travel?; UN Says Climate Catastrophe Highly Unlikely | V. Ginn, Ph.D. (TPPF); D. Reuter

Sep 17 • 01:33:19

Could your every motorized move be tracked by the federal government? If D.C. has its way, it could. Former White House adviser Vance Ginn, Ph.D., the chief economist at the Texas Public Policy Foundation, elaborates on the hidden plan in the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill that would monitor – and tax! - your every mile. - - - - - Next, the world should be celebrating a...

Unsettled Science, “Green” Pipelines, Helping Afghans, & New TX Gov? | Koonin, McCown, Huffines

Sep 7 • 01:41:34

Dr. Steve Koonin, Obama’s appointee as Undersecretary for Science at the U.S. Department of Energy, joins Jacki to discuss his new book, Unsettled:  What Climate Science Tells Us, What It Doesn’t, and Why It Matters.  Koonin dispels fear with facts as he reviews the most current climate science to show that the future is far better than the prevailing narrative suggests.  ...

Al Gore’s Spoons, TX Nuke Dump, Coal’s Back, HunterNation | Guests: K. Braun; T. Taylor; M. Perales

Aug 31 • 01:47:01

Al Gore is back, this time finding ways to stunt Africa’s growth on the basis that offering abundant, affordable fossil fuels or nuclear energy to the world’s destitute is not green. Ken Braun, Senior Investigative Researcher with Capital Research Center, and author of “Al Gore Offers Africa Electricity by the Spoonful,” reveals the sacrifices Gore demands of the world’s p...

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