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The Soundbar is a podcast by Jabra about our ever-evolving relationship with productivity. With the help of guests who are all world leaders in the field working to shape the conversation, we’re looking at the future of work, how technology is impacting the way we live, and how we can optimizeRead more

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Designing the Hybrid Office We Return To

Jun 23 • 23:56

Anne-Laure Fayard is an associate professor of innovation, design and organization studies at NYU’s Tandon School of Engineering. The return to the office is central to many debates, as well as how organizations should rethink these spaces and the technology that teams use to collaborate....

Technology's Ripple Effect in the Future of Higher Education

May 3 • 23:54

Vijay Govindarajan is the Coxe Distinguished Professor at Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business, a faculty partner at Silicon Valley incubator Mach49 and an executive fellow at Harvard Business School. In this episode, we discuss how technology will disrupt education models, why corporations will need to play a bigger part in higher education and what skills the job market m...

Body Language and Emotional Intelligence in Hybrid Work

Apr 26 • 23:10

Sara Nyström, the executive director of the Center for Body Language, is a global leader in body language training for business. Understanding micro expressions and body language is key for sales, negotiations and leaders. In this episode, we talk about building better relations across hybrid teams and understanding micro expressions to enhance our emotional intelligence a...

Strategic Storytelling for Impactful Presenting in Hybrid Work

Apr 19 • 23:21

David JP Phillips, international author, speaker and coach, is an expert on the skills it takes to communicate with others. In this episode, we examine how to use storytelling in a professional context to master presenting in hybrid work environments. Find out why introverts are usually better presenters than extroverts, how to use neuroscience to your advantage in your st...

Handling Burnout During the Pandemic

Apr 12 • 25:08

Michael Leiter, an internationally renowned psychologist, has focused much of his career on improving the quality of work life and studying the causes of burnout. In this episode, we discuss the relationship problem at the core of burnout, how to recognize, prevent and recover from burnout and the ways in which organizations can create a better ways of working for employee...

Work Life Balance for Working Parents

Apr 5 • 23:48

Alyssa Westring, is an associate professor of management at the Driehaus College of Business at DePaul University and author of Parents Who Lead: The Leadership Approach You Need to Parent with Purpose, Fuel Your Career, and Create a Richer Life. For over 15 years she has been studying work life integration with a particular focus on working parents and women’s careers. In...

The Impact of Sound on Productivity and Wellbeing

Mar 29 • 28:48

Julian Treasure, top-rated international speaker on sound and communication skills, and founder of audio branding company the Sound Agency, has a mission to help people and organizations listen better. In this episode, we discuss the rarity of conscious listening, the skills needed to speak powerfully and how sound affects our productivity and wellbeing....

Effective Presenting & Communication in Virtual Environments

Mar 22 • 27:01

Matt Abrahams, Stanford Graduate School of Business lecturer, and co-founder of consulting agency Bold Echo, knows first hand that our ideas are only as good as our ability to express them. While it's challenging to effectively present and communicate in-person, it has a whole new dimension in virtual environments. In this episode, we discuss overcoming speaking anxiety, h...

Soundbar Recap: Hybrid Working Season One Highlights

Mar 14 • 13:04

What have we learnt after one year of remote working? In this episode, we recap some of the best pieces of advice from season one, covering productivity, self-control, remote working and the relationships we have with our jobs. ...

Using Tech to Empower Educators with Digital Learning Expert John Watson

Jan 13 • 27:09

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