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Weekly conversations about Iranian politics, society, and culture with host Negar Mortazavi. Support this podcast:

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Attacks on Female Journalists

Nov 26 • 19:26

Actor Arian Moayed

Nov 19 • 57:55
Negar Mortazavi speaks to Iranian-American actor Arian Moayed about playing an Iranian billionaire in the television show Succession and other roles in television and theater, growing up in America as an immigrant, and the future of US-Iran relations.


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Nuclear Negotiations

Nov 16 • 27:50

Iran’s Hostage Takers

Nov 4 • 25:56

Iran-Saudi Relations Panel at Gulf Institute

Oct 29 • 01:17:43

Iran Podcast host Negar Mortazavi joins an expert panel to discuss the future of Iran-Saudi relations. Panel was hosted by the Institute for Gulf Affairs in Washington DC with Barbara Slavin from Atlantic Council, Alex Vatanka from Middle East Institute, Fuad Ibrahim from DAWN, and Annelle Sheline from Quincy Institute....

Gender Equality in Middle East

Oct 23 • 40:42
Negar Mortazavi speaks to Azadeh Moaveni, Director of Gender and Conflict at the International Crisis Group, about online threats against female journalists who cover Iran, women’s rights and the golden years of reform, how US policy has impacted Iranian women, and feminist movements across the Middle East.


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University of Chicago panel

Oct 15 • 01:01:20
Negar Mortazavi moderates a panel at the University of Chicago’s Pearson Institute, about Iran’s foreign and domestic policies under the new hardline administration of Ebrahim Raisi, with Mahsa Rouhi, Vali Nasr, Pouya Alimagham and Ali Vaez.


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Iran and Iranians in Hollywood

Oct 8 • 41:07

Future of the Nuclear Deal

Oct 2 • 01:03:37
Negar Mortazavi joins a panel discussion about the future of the nuclear deal and diplomacy between Tehran and Washington with Sussan Tahmasebi, Director of FEMENA, Jon Wolfstahl, senior advisor at Global Zero, and Eldar Mamedov, foreign policy adviser at the European Parliament. This discussion was moderated by Jamie Shea and hosted by Friends of Europe.


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US-Iran Panel at Arab Center

Sep 23 • 01:07:19
Iran Podcast host, Negar Mortazavi, joins a panel of foreign policy experts at the Arab Center in Washington, discussing US policy towards Iran and the future of the nuclear deal, with Barbara Slavin, Dalia Dassa Kaye, Ilan Goldenberg, and Mehran Kamrava.


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