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The Intuitive Hour: Awaken Your Inner Voice


Expand your understanding of what it means to be psychic and how to awaken, amplify, and trust your inner voice.

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A Daily Meditation: Release Low Vibes, Restore, Rejuvenate and Replenish!

Jul 13 • 17:29

In this final episode of the meditation mini series, Michelle brings you a delightful guided meditation you can listen to daily to restore and rejuvenate, start your day, or release lingering stuck or lower vibrating energy. ...

Talk Down Sleep Meditation: A Guided Daydream Along the Sleepy Train

Jul 8 • 25:44

If you joined Michelle last week, you experienced a deep transformative meditation as you connected with your quantum self....

Are You Ready For Deep Transformation?

Jun 29 • 37:28

This guided meditation will take you to a whole new level! Join Michelle in an extremely moving transformational experience as she connects you with your quantum self. You'll explore a past life where you release all blocks, fears, and worries. You'll then segue into a place of infinite wisdom and knowing, finding answers to your most pressing life questions. Michelle will...

The Meaning of Ear Ringing

May 26 • 41:11

So, what is the spiritual meaning of ear ringing? It turns out there are a number of meanings surrounding ringing in your ears.
As you begin to experience ear ringing, you’ll notice there is a powerful energy essence when it happens. It’s mysteriously soothing, and you might feel a warm whooshing sensation throughout your head....

How to Give a Distant Healing

Mar 29 • 30:01

The power of distant healing is immense. Today you'll learn how to heal yourself and others!...

Talk Down Sleep Meditation Manifesting Your Soul Calling and Deepest Intentions

Jan 4 • 25:11

Talk Down Sleep Meditation Manifesting Your Soul Calling & Deepest Intentions, is a profound transformative guided meditation in which Michelle journey's with you to call in and give birth to your highest intentions and deep-seated dreams and goals. Profound inner shift and changes will take place. This meditation holds the power to help you change your life, find answers ...

21 Signs You’re A Psychic Medium

Nov 17 • 37:28

Do you wonder if you have extrasensory gifts? Have you had some unexplainable experiences but you are unsure what they meant? In fact, you may not even be sure if they were even psychic in nature at all. Did these experiences make you feel different than everyone else or that you were misunderstood or didn’t fit in? If you thought you were nuts … take peace in knowing, you...

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