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The Inner Child Podcast is your weekly dose of practical tips for high-achievers to attract the relationship of your dreams by healing childhood wounds, low self-worth, and emotional baggage!. Hosted by expert psychotherapist Gloria Zhang, who overcame 10 years of toxic relationships beforeRead more

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#35: How to Reset ALL Your Patterns in 4 Months, with Wendy Aguirre

Dec 7 • 24:52

Is Inner Child Healing the final missing piece for you? It was for my client, Wendy, who is a successful Real Estate agent who was struggling with toxic relationships. Today, I'm sharing with you this SPECIAL interview taken from our Instagram Live. Wendy spills ALL the beans on how she was able to break ALL toxic bonds in her life, heal her inner child and financial situa...

#34: Am I OUTGROWING the people around me?

Dec 1 • 26:50

Do you feel like you're not connecting with the people around you anymore? There are times in our lives when we outgrow people. But what does it really mean you're the only one who cares about growing and healing? In today's episode, I talk about why this might be happening and what to do about it!

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#33: When It Wasn't the 'Happy Ending' You Were Sold: Adoption Lessons with Wendy Hayes

Nov 17 • 30:41

Adoption has been considered to be a "happy ending" for children who grew up without a family or children from unsafe homes. But what happens when it wasn't everything you thought it was going to be? Today, I sat down with my former client, Wendy Hayes, the author of The Heart That Silence Built, to talk about the complexities of abandonment wounds, and what it was really ...

#32: Why Aren't They Committing to Me?!

Nov 8 • 18:41

When it comes to dating and relationships, there are times when we meet people who won't commit to us, even if we think we've done everything "right". Today I talk about why this pattern is happening and how important Inner Child HEALING is to attracting an aligned partner for life.  Plus... a HUGE relationship update in my own life!

Are you a High-Achieving professional wh...

#31: From Childhood Abuse to Olympics Gold Medalist & Hollywood Stuntwoman

Nov 1 • 34:34

Dana is an Olympic gold medalist and acclaimed Hollywood stuntwoman who's work includes Charlie's Angels, Mortal Kombat, Terminator 3, and the Avengers. Today she's here to talk about surviving childhood abuse and how healing her inner child led her to pursuing her wildest dreams. I am so honoured to be able to chat with Dana, who is a living embodiment of the healed High-...

#30: Three Ways to Quickly Reconnect with your Inner Child

Oct 27 • 28:23

Being a high achiever is TOUGH - you work so hard to achieve your goals that you eventually forget to slow down and you might even feel like you've lost touch with that younger, more authentic version of yourself. In this episode, I'm sharing 3 tips to help you RECONNECT with your inner child, so stay tuned!

Episode Highlights:...

#29: How Jami Healed Chronic Anxiety and Codependency in MONTHS, After Trying 32 Years of Therapy!

Oct 19 • 31:48

Prepare to feel INSPIRED by with a real-life example of what's possible for you when you do the Inner Child work! In today's special edition Success Stories episode, I talk to Jami Ginsberg, who just recently graduated from our program. Jami is an Occupational Therapist who shares exactly how she used our Inner Child methods to OVERCOME her lifelong anxiety and codependenc...

#28: GOODBYE, Academy... Hello, Soulmate!

Oct 12 • 19:52

My dearest friends, we have a special announcement today! The Academy is going away forever, BUT it's being replaced by something new... (cue drumroll)

Introducing... Soulmate: My signature program where I help high achievers BREAK the cycle of toxic relationships using inner child healing, so that they can ATTRACT the healthy, loving relationship of their dreams and embod...

#27: The MOST Important Decision You Will Make in Your Lifetime

Oct 4 • 16:23

Did you know that there is ONE very important decision that you'll have to make in your life that will directly impact your daily mental health, finances, inner child healing and HAPPINESS in this lifetime?

This one decision is also the reason why I got into this work in the first place, as I share today a vulnerable piece of my childhood that I haven't told you before.


#26: How to be Authentically YOURSELF

Sep 27 • 17:59

Are you struggling to be your TRUE and AUTHENTIC SELF around people and in relationships? When you find it hard to show your real emotions or personality and you get used to people-pleasing, then maybe it's time to re-evaluate your core wounds and get back in touch with the REAL YOU.

Are you a High Achiever or entrepreneur who wants to attract and create the lasting, roman...

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