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I started doing YouTube videos in August 2017 about being an INFJ, and how it took me 30-odd years of journaling, self-reflection, and self-actualization, to get to this level of understanding and love with myself. I'm an INFJ and I'm here to show you through my podcast that you are not alone, youRead more

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Don't Go In Thinking That You Will Be Rejected Every Time, INFJs

Nov 30 • 11:55

When I make new friends, I'm always afraid that they will reject me, so I would reject them first in the past. BUT now I try to remember that not everyone will reject me, even though many have in the past. And I go in believing that people will accept and love me as I would accept and love them. ...

If You Are Living With a Narcissist, Here's How to Deal With Them, INFJs

Nov 23 • 12:08

If you are living with a narcissist, you might be at your wit's end on how to deal with them. But moving out and cutting them out of your life isn't the only option here (although if you can do this, it would be great for your mental sanity). Listen to this episode for some tips on how to deal with narcissists in your home....

How to Build a Habit of Working Out or Any Other Habit - For INFJs

Nov 16 • 12:03

I have had to develop some interesting techniques to ensure that I stick to my yoga, meditation, and walking habits. Otherwise, I would deteriorate very fast into doing nothing and complaining about doing nothing (like I used to do before). Listen to this episode to learn more about the tricks I use to convince myself to stay consistent with important habits....

INFJs Take Thrice as Long as Others to Get Over past Relationships

Oct 13 • 11:06

INFJs spend a long time pondering and thinking and analyzing before getting into a relationship. And once it fails, we spend even more time thinking over what we learned from the relationship and what we can do to not repeat our mistakes. That's how it is, so you better prepare yourself, if you want to date us....

A Relationship with an INFJ Is Not for the Faint of Heart, Seriously!

Oct 6 • 35:44

INFJs are not easy to date. Neither are we easy when we are in relationships. It's difficult all around. That's why if you want to be with an INFJ, you better prepare your heart, soul and body for the long haul. Seriously!...

We Are Closet Hopeless Romantics, It's Quite Embarrassing to INFJs

Sep 29 • 09:58

INFJs love being romantic and romanced, but we would never say that out loud because it's somehow shameful for us to admit that. We want to be practical and pragmatic. Not romantic and irrational. ...

It's Easier to Have a One-on-One Meeting Than Group for INFJs

Sep 22 • 10:22

INFJs do really well in one-on-one situations. We shine like diamonds and we are charming AF. But in group situations, we falter due to all the emotions coming at us and we get confused about what to say or what to do....

We Create Theories about the World to Understand Our Place in It , INFJs

Sep 15 • 10:00

INFJs feel like outsiders and aliens because they think differently from the way the rest of the world thinks. So we are constantly trying to understand the world and our place in it. It's one of our main missions in life. ...

Do You Emotionally Numb Yourself to Protect Yourself, INFJs?

Sep 8 • 13:25

INFJs have this tendency to stay calm and aloof in the moment of crisis and then go into their room or cave to process emotions. We also emotionally numb ourselves because we need to stay strong and perfect for the sake of family and friends. Do you do this?...

We Are Not Good At Maintaining Our Body Weight, INFJs - Take Better Care

Sep 1 • 14:05

INFJs forget to eat and then get too thin. And then they go into spirals of overeating and sadness and gain a bunch of weight. We oscillate back and forth between these two extremes. Or at least I know many INFJs do this. Do you?...

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