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The In Reality podcast is a weekly deep dive into news from the Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality Industries by industry vets & experts. Get in touch with us : Sponsored by and hosted by Joe Bardi and Joe Johnson, In Reality is produced bi-weekly and isRead more

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Mar 12 • 00:00

S3E1 - The Great Relaunch

Feb 20 • 00:00

The future of retail with Sterling Hawkins

May 28 • 00:00

This week, we’re wrapping up Season 2 of the podcast with another very special guest.

The InReality Podcast sits down with Anne Flynn Wear

May 14 • 00:00

Today we’ve got a special guest on the pod. Anne Flynn Wear is Associate Editor at Furniture Today, the leading publication covering the furniture industry. Anne has spent the last year documenting the furniture industry’s growing pains as retailers look to implement new ecommerce and in-store technology solutions to better move merchandise, manage their supply chain, and ...

Valve's Index & Facebook's Quest, the Best of the Best?

May 9 • 00:00

Rumors of the death of the VR headset market have been greatly exaggerated. New Virtual Reality HMDs now available for pre-order from Oculus and Valve are poised to offer consumers fresh hardware that builds on existing technology while also taking some baby steps into the future. This week we take an in-depth look at the Oculus Quest and Valve Index, explore how they fit ...

Augmented Reality SDK Rundown!

Apr 23 • 00:00

The Latest Crop of Headsets: Winners, Losers, Wasted Opportunities

Apr 2 • 00:00

St. Pete Tech with Margie Manning

Feb 19 • 00:00

Where are ALL the killer Augmented Reality apps at?

Jan 29 • 00:00

CES 2019 Reveals The Health of the AR & VR Industry

Jan 10 • 00:00

Was CES the death knell for the Oculus Rift? Is Chinese manufacturing giant Huawei already too late with those AR smart-glasses they announced in November with a street date of “sometime in the next two years”? And if Huawei is late, what does that make Apple? And what about all this new gear from HTC, Vuzix, Pico, NReal, Third Eye, Corning, DigiLens and others? Did the wo...

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