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The IKIGAI Coach - Vasudha Jha


Life Coaching helps us peel layers off our limiting self beliefs and helps us find our true and authentic self. By investing in a Life Coach we can find a beacon of light who can hold our hand for us to be the best version of ourselves. Here we explore ideas that can be easily used for a happierRead more

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Uplift your Relationships

Jun 11 • 05:47

Letting Go & Acceptance

Jun 8 • 07:16

Happiness is a Choice

Jun 5 • 05:19

Positive self talk can transform your life

Jun 3 • 05:42
Self talk creates conversation loops in our brain that can be positive or negative. It is up to us whether we choose to talk to ourselves in an encouraging or discouraging manner. Life Coaching can help people break negative feedback loops and create positive self talk. To know more, write to me at


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Take Responsibility for your Happiness

May 31 • 07:10

The 10 aspects of IKIGAI

May 26 • 06:24
This is an introduction to the concept of IKIGAI - the Japanese secret to happiness and longevity. IKIGAI in other words is the purpose of our lives. The onus is on us to discover our life purpose and live a life of fulfillment. We offer a 4-5 week Life Coaching program 'Discover Your IKIGAI' - an assisted exploration with trained Coaches. Write to us on theikigaicoach@gma...

When things fall apart - Intimacy with fear

May 25 • 07:20

Testimonial - Life Coaching

May 23 • 01:14

Forgiveness Meditation - Part 1

Apr 26 • 07:43
Forgiveness is the best gift we can give ourselves and to the world. It can transform our lives and bring physiological & psychological benefits. It can help us get rid of the dis-ease in our body, mind & heart. Regular practice of forgiveness meditation is known to help on this journey towards living an authentic life.


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Daily Affirmations and Self Reflection - Day 9

Apr 16 • 03:02
Affirmations are daily vitamins that help us balance the barrage of negative thoughts. Today's affirmation is "There is somewhere I belong". The questions for self-reflection are: 1. What red flags do I use to determine if someone's behaviour is toxic? 2. How often do I get frustrated as I search for that feeling of belonging? 3. What are some of my traits that attract the...

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