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The Hyperfine Physics Podcast


Physics puzzles and deep dives into physics topics.

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Acoustic Levitation w/ Special Guest Dr. David Jackson

Jul 8 • 00:00

Zak and Derek discuss acoustic levitaiton with Dr. David Jackson, Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Dickinson College....

Gravitational G and How Science Works

Jun 17 • 00:00

Zak and Derek discuss the "controversial" value of Newton's gravitational constant G. They cover the history of its measurement and how the value (and confidence in that value) has changed over time....

Cosmology and the Arrow of Time

May 16 • 00:00

Zak and Derek discuss the big question: why is the future different than the past? Why do we remember the past but not the future?...

Is Anything Truly Random? w/Special Guest Grant Ciffone

May 4 • 00:00

Zak and Derek chat with special guest, Grant Ciffone! Grant joins us as a non-physicist who asks “Is anything truly random in the universe?”...

How to Keep Time

Apr 20 • 00:00

Zak and Derek discuss a mystery in a hospital, where an MRI machine seems to have taken out only iPhones; Android was unharmed. This leads to a conversation on how watches work, fundamentally....

Entropy & Statistical Mechanics

Apr 8 • 00:00

Zak and Derek discuss the statistical origins of entropy and how it connects from there into thermodynamics. They also encourage using flashcards 🙂...


Mar 23 • 00:00

Zak and Derek discuss the basics of thermodynamics, including the so-called thermodynamic potentials....

Benford’s Law

Mar 6 • 00:00

Zak and Derek discuss Benford’s Law, including the strange places it pops up, and some fundamental origins of the law....

Planck, Einstein, and the Origins of Quantum Mechanics

Dec 8 • 00:00

Zak and Derek discuss Max Planck’s work in the foundations of what would turn into quantum mechanics, and Albert Einstein’s role in its promulgation. How did Max Planck fix the blackbody radiation problem with the ultraviolet catastrophe, or is that actually what happened?...

The Physics of Hurricanes

Sep 3 • 00:00

Zak and Derek discuss the physics of hurricanes, including the energy involved, and rotating reference frames, including Coriolis effects. Why do they rotate in different directions in the northern and southern hemispheres?...

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