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Paul Boross talks to the funniest and most successful leaders in business, sport and entertainment about how humour measurably improves your business and your life. Humourology is a study into why a good sense of humour is much more than a means to raise a smile – it’s a critical psychologicalRead more

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Danny Wallace – Whip-Smart Wisecracking

Nov 15 • 58:58

Paul Boross is joined by writer, producer, presenter and creative extraordinaire Danny Wallace. Wallace has built a career on a quality collection of creative endeavours that captivate crowds and inspire comedy.  His book, Yes Man inspired the film of the same name starring Jim Carrey. In addition to his writing credits, Wallace has performed in a variety of roles on the s...

Andy Hamilton – Jest a Minute

Nov 8 • 01:01:20

Award-Winning writer, comic and performer Andy Hamilton joins The Humourology Podcast to discuss how creative works can connect with a crowd. From stand-up comedy to sitcoms to his new book, Hamilton discusses how he uses his sense of humour to connect characters, comics, and crowds with comedy....

Graham Stuart - Production Power with Punchlines

Nov 1 • 59:00

Paul Boross is joined by award-winning producer of The Graham Norton Show, Graham Stuart. Stuart knows what it takes to make memorable and mirthful TV moments possible. Graham knows that when you support exceptional talent, you are sure to get a performance that is unforgettable. ...

Milton Jones – One Liner Merchant Mirth Maker

Oct 25 • 01:01:22

Paul Boross is joined by one of the nation’s most recognisable comics. From his crazy hair to his even crazier shirts, Milton Jones has established his stage presence as one of the wittiest wizards of the one-liner. Milton shares his experiences on the stage and discusses just how important humour can be when the curtain goes up....

Dermot Murnaghan – Breaking News with Banter

Oct 18 • 49:02

Paul Boross is joined by the UK’s all-action anchor of the news, Dermot Murnaghan. Dermot has built a career on being a trustworthy voice in the hardest of times. He shares how his sense of humour has helped him herald in some of the hardest news to the nation. Murnaghan knows that building a trustful relationship with your audience is all about being your authentic self a...

Deborah Meaden - Breathing Fire and Fun into Business

Oct 11 • 46:47

Paul Boross is joined by fire-breathing businesswoman, investor, and star of Dragon’s Den, Deborah Meaden. Meaden joins The Humourology Podcast to share stories from her scintillating  career as an investor and businesswoman. What does it take to make deals on budding businesses? Meaden says a great attitude is the way to go....

Sir Tony Robinson – A Historic Sense of Humour

Oct 4 • 59:15

Paul Boross is joined by the actor, humourous force in historic presentation and star of Blackadder, Sir Tony Robinson. Robinson is an expert at using humour to educate and entertain an audience of any size. As an acting national treasure and the nation’s premiere presenter of popular history, Robinson has learned just how powerful a sense of humour can be....

Dani Klein Modisett – Cognition, Connection, and Comedy

Sep 27 • 56:10

Comedian and Founder of Laughter on Call Dani Klein Modisett joins Paul Boross to discuss the act of bringing joy to those who need it most. Modisett shares her stories of her own mother’s Alzheimer’s and how humour can bridge the gap for those struggling to make a connection. ...

Guy Jenkin – Directing Delight

Sep 20 • 59:42

Tessy Ojo, CBE – Leading Diana’s Legacy of Love

Sep 13 • 51:40

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