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People are often described as the largest asset in most organisations. They are also the biggest single cause of risk. This podcast explores the topic of 'human risk', or "the risk of people doing things they shouldn't or not doing things they should", and examines how behavioural science canRead more

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Colin Pereira on reporting in fragile environments

Nov 27 • 01:07:27
How can we manage risk and keep people safe in fragile environments?

My guest Colin Pereira is Director at HP Risk Management, a consultancy that assists media organisations operating in challenging environments. Since the business of journalism is to report, news organisations need to get their reporters into locations the rest of us might prefer to avoid.
As a human risk ...

Mary Shirley on Women In Compliance

Nov 21 • 01:04:01
How can diversity help make Compliance functions more effective? My guest, Mary Shirley is a compliance professional who has been working to promote women in compliance. She’s the co-host of The Great Women in Compliance podcast and the co-author of a book called Sending the Elevator Back Down: What We’ve Learned from Great Women in Compliance.

One of the ways we can miti...

Pete Dyson on making transport more human

Nov 10 • 01:07:55
How can we make transport more human? On this episode, I'm exploring the human risk dynamics of transport — both from the perspective of the traveller, but also from the perspective of those who run and design transport networks and policy.

Every single one of us has reasons why we want to get from A to B and usually, we have to make choices about how we do that - whether ...

Professor Ian McCarthy on the business of being counter-intuitive

Oct 23 • 01:05:37
How can counter-intuitive thinking help us to make better business decisions? It’s something that Professor Ian McCarthy explores in his research.

Ian has been on the show before, talking about his research Into workplace bullshit. You can hear that episode here 🎧 👉

On this episode, we begin by catch...

Dane McCarrick on Home Advantage

Oct 16 • 52:18
What impact do crowds have on football ⚽️games? Is there such a thing as 'home advantage'? It's a question that is of interest to those of us who watch the sport, but also to non-sports fans because it helps us to understand the psychology of how we are impacted by our environment and other people.

My guest, Dane McCarrick is a postgraduate researcher at The University of L...

Michael Walford-Williams on Ethical Hacking of Human Controls

Oct 9 • 01:00:32
How can we assess the level of human risk we’re running in a control framework? Unlike technology, humans aren’t always reliable and how they behave under pressure may well be different to how they behave in normal situations.

My guest on this episode, Michael Walford-Willaims is a risk professional who specialises in how to plan for when things go wrong, covering areas li...

Professor Vanessa Bohns on Influence

Oct 2 • 57:10
Why do we sometimes find ourselves feeling unable to influence other people? If you've ever found yourself thinking you're ineffective, invisible or inarticulate, then you're not alone. We've all experienced it. But what if it turned out that those feelings were actually wrong? On this episode, I'm speaking to the author of a new book that explores precisely this.


Taylor Edwards on Selling Compliance

Sep 25 • 01:04:48
What can Compliance learn from Sales? On the face of it, they're very different things: sales is about persuading customers to buy a service or product, whereas Compliance is about telling employees what to do or not do. Yet, perhaps surprisingly, there are lots of lessons for Compliance from the sales process.

If we want to mitigate human risk, then we’ll be more effectiv...

Jean-Marc Le Tissier on Communities

Sep 15 • 01:02:50
How can building a community help business? That's what my guest Jean-Marc Le Tissier helps me to understand on this episode.

We're all familiar with the idea of a community, in terms of where we live, but how might it be relevant for businesses and other organisations. The answer is that what works for us in our domestic lives, can also have benefits in a work context....

Mark Bowden on communicating effectively in a virtual environment

Sep 2 • 01:00:25
How can we communicate more effectively in a virtual environment?

My guest Mark Bowden is a body language expert who is well known for advising senior business leaders, celebrities and politicians on how to present themselves. He’s also the author of a number of best-selling books on communication and body language.

During our discussion, we explore how Mark became a body...

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