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The Hum and the Holler


Artists, healers, witches, and sisters Jo Mosser and Corina Dross of Abacus Corvus take you through this year's calendar of small spells and offer thoughts, rituals, astrological insight and meditations. Follow along with us in your own 2021 calendar, or see all images on our blog:Read more

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The Hum - Astro Weather for the Sagittarius New Moon

Dec 4 • 47:48

My friends! This is one humdinger of a time, astrologically, so please be extra gentle to yourselves during holiday times and wintry times and ongoing Covid times. My apologies for the rough quality of the sound on this episode, I've had a health flare up and holidays all week so I did what I could to get this out to you by the New Moon. Here's hoping some stray background...

The Hum and the Holler - Episode 11 - Between Message and Messenger

Nov 25 • 32:58

Our penultimate offering in unraveling this riddle takes some moonlit twists and turns through language, literary theory, and a kind of radical presence with one another. Our apologies for the sound quality on this one, we were recording it together <3 and sharing one mic means it's a lot harder to edit both voices to one consistent volume. So enjoy the sonic and linguisti...

The Hum - Astro Weather for the Scorpio New Moon

Nov 3 • 34:37

My friends, we are entering the kind of month that builds character, as they say. Mars clashes with Saturn and Uranus, we enter eclipse season, and Venus is in hard-working Capricorn while the Sun in Scorpio invites us all to peer more closely into the shadows. Never fear! We've got tools for this. Good luck out there this month, and feel free to get in touch at flaxandgol...

The Hum and the Holler — Episode Ten: Unreal and All Real

Oct 14 • 37:10

The Hum: Astro Weather - Libra New Moon

Oct 6 • 40:47

The Hum and The Holler - Episode Nine: Gather the Needful

Sep 13 • 46:02

The Hum: Astro Weather - Virgo New Moon

Sep 6 • 59:50

The Hum and The Holler - Episode Eight: Grace Follows Awkward

Aug 18 • 44:05

The Hum: Astro Weather - Leo New Moon

Aug 5 • 48:14

The Hum and The Holler - Episode Seven: Turning the Certainty

Jul 21 • 36:58

What do birds and fishes have to do with circles and revolutionary peasant movements and repetition compulsion? This episode dives into the chaotic whirling uncertainty that is July, straight from the chaotic whirling uncertainty of our own first few weeks of July. Follow along on the slowest ever audio-tour of artwork (it will take us all year) to solve the riddle at the ...

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