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Adrian and Chris are your hosts in this podcast that journeys into the world of horror to discuss everything from films and books to real life stories. Be sure to check out more content from The Horror Academy! 👇👇 Support this podcast:Read more

Popular episodes

Spiral: From the Book of Saw

Jul 15 • 26:51

Army of the Dead

Jul 1 • 33:55

Chopping Mall

Jun 17 • 29:58

Wrong Turn 2021

Jun 3 • 48:11

The Deans of the Horror Academy review the remake--reimagination(?) of the classic Wrong Turn movie released earlier this year. They'll talk about the many plot holes and details that did not sit right with them. Follow us on Instagram: (@thehorroracademy) and Tik Tok (@thehorroracademy) for more awesome content!...

Willy's Wonderland

Apr 30 • 28:11

Welcome back, students! It has been a long time since the last episode from this prestigious academy, and we hope there are still any listeners left. For this episode, we briefly discuss what we have been up to the past few months, our thoughts on Zack Snyder's Justice League, and the 2021 film, Willy's Wonderland, starring a uncharacteristically silent Nicolas Cage. You c...


Dec 17 • 44:12

Welcome back students! The deans of the Horror Academy are back again after dealing with a lot of things in their personal lives to educate you on horror movies! This week, they'll go over the Vince Vaughn-led, new Blumhouse film, Freaky and discuss the good and the bad of this motion picture!...

Gateway Horror Ft. Killer Track

Sep 17 • 47:28

Welcome back, students, to another fantastic episode where our amazing friends, Amelia and Alec, over at Killer Track ask us some gateway questions related to horror! You can check out their episode where WE ask them similar questions here: https://www.buzzspro…t-the-horror-academy . Be sure to follow them on Instagram @killer.track and us @thehorroracademy for more horror...

Scariest Movie Ever

Aug 21 • 54:38

Welcome back, students! For this episode we gather some of our friends in the horror community to weigh in and discuss what they believe to be the scariest movie ever made. You can follow our guests on Instagram: @killer.track / @horrornerd143 / @fearscale / @thecreepycrappodcast / and also give us a follow as well @thehorroracademy and be sure to rate and review the episode!...

Monk Vs. Thirteen Ghosts

Aug 6 • 59:51

Heard You Were Looking For Candyman, Bitch

Jul 16 • 48:20

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