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The Honestly Adoption Podcast features real voices, sharing real hope and encouragement to parents on the journey of foster care and adoption. Hosts Mike and Kristin Berry, and Nicole Goerges share open and honest perspectives from the journey of foster, adoptive, and special needs parenting. TheirRead more

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How To Handle Overstimulation During The Holidays

Nov 25 • 45:23

It begins by understand why overstimulation happens, and formulating a plan to handle and respond the right way to it. We are fortunate to share an amazing interview we did with our good friend, and trauma-trained therapist, Jenn Hook, founder of the Replanted Conference. In this interview, she shares practical advice and insight into why stimulation happens, and how you c...

A Conversation About Overcoming Barriers And Meeting Needs On The Adoption Journey

Nov 18 • 36:40

We are excited to welcome Mary Beth Chapman from Show Hope to The Honestly Adoption Podcast for our 200th episode! You're going to love this interview. We talk all about meeting the unique needs that arise on the adoption journey, and how to overcome barriers families face....

What Are Post-Adoption Services And Why Do Parents Need Them?

Nov 11 • 29:20

What happens after you adopt? Where (and how) do you find support? What about resources and training? In our latest episode of The Honestly Adoption Podcast, we discuss all of this....

Why Emotional Regulation Is Important For Children With A Trauma History

Nov 5 • 23:48

We know that some children with trauma histories can display extreme behaviors (aggression, belligerence, disrespect, or even violence). But what about the child who deals with major anxiety, stress, nervousness, or often seems physically out of control of his or her body? That’s where emotional regulation is key. But what does that mean? Check out our latest episode of Th...

How to Prepare Your Family For The Holiday Season

Oct 28 • 29:10

How can we as parents and caregivers prepare and navigate the time of the year between Halloween and New Year's Day? In this latest episode of The Honestly Adoption Podcast, Mike and Kristin pose some key questions that caregivers need to ask before heading into this season....

Learning To Control What You Can Control With Your Children

Oct 21 • 49:03

We often believe some myths when it comes to control. Myths like......

How To Implement A Transition Plan In Foster Care

Oct 14 • 36:38

In today’s episode of The Honestly Adoption podcast, Mike and Kristin interview blogger, podcaster, speaker, and foster care expert, Jamie Finn on the importance of having a transitional plan in place, and how to establish one that helps the children in your care transition as smoothly as possible....

A Conversation About Racial Equity In The Foster Care System

Oct 7 • 43:51

Rachel Lauren is a conscious social influencer who is passionate about racial equity, Black life, women’s rights, foster care/adoption, and holistic wellness. By profession Rachel is a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion practitioner and Human Resources professional. Rachel is the Senior Director of People and Culture for Van Jones non-profit organization Dream Corps while co...

Understanding Brain Development In Children With A Trauma History

Sep 29 • 42:06

On this episode of the podcast, we are excited to welcome a good friend of Honestly Adoption, Dr. Gary Feldman from the Stramski Children’s Developmental Center, to share insights into brain development with children who have experienced significant trauma....

How To Search For Identity, Family, And Belonging On The Adoption Journey

Sep 23 • 36:33

Julie Ryan McGue is an author, a domestic adoptee and an identical twin. She writes extensively about finding out who you are, where you belong and making sense of it....

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