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The Hoely Hour is an irreverent, earnest podcast about modern dating experiences — the good, the bad, and the hilarious. Cheeky hostesses Amelia and Liz candidly talk about personal experiences while amplifying sex positivity and advocating for mental health. Listeners write in their touching andRead more

Popular episodes

E65 Pimp My P*ssy

Dec 3 • 42:21
MTV's newest version of Pimp My Ride! Unlock a new fear or two and discover butt fluff, a nice word for having uh... a hairy brown eye. A listener writes in to share their experience with having sex on SSRI's, and Amelia reads a listener email from someone asking how to approach losing their virginity. Ever wonder how much data semen holds? Neither did we! This Sex Fact of...

E64 Ghost Condoms

Nov 26 • 01:05:24
Do ghosts have STD's? Let us know. The girls take us back down memory lane and remind us of a time in our early 20s where putting a Jolly Rancher in a bottle of bottom-shelf vodka was considered artisanal. Liz and Amelia read some very important listener emails that discuss things ranging from asexuality to a letter from a youth pastor. Plus another dramatic reading betwee...

E63 Wronged & Broken!

Nov 19 • 01:11:18
Welcome to the church of Don't Be A F*ckin' Sh*tty Person! Liz does a dramatic reading from the ultra-religious ex-lover of a listener, as a treat. Prepare for your teenage PTSD as Liz recounts her most embarrassing memory from middle school. Amelia and Liz discuss No Nut November, No Shave November, and... Destroyed Dick December?! And for our Sex Fact of the Week, let's ...

E62 French My Dumps

Nov 12 • 57:01

E61 Goldilocks and the Three Dicks

Nov 5 • 01:00:37
Hold onto your hats, people! Liz and Amelia waste no time diving in deep, maybe a little TOO deep, into a traumatic butt plug story, reminding us all why safe words are important. Amelia asks a hard hitting question: what would this chapter of your sex life be called? The girls practice their free styling (give us a record deal pls), and share a rather relevant Sex Fact of...

E60 Vaginal Air Quotes

Oct 29 • 01:03:03
Welcome to The Hoely Hour but sPoOoOkYy! Liz and Amelia read a creepy ghost story from a listener and talk about the same weird nightmare they both have...? Another listener shares yet ANOTHER bloody sex story! Amelia talks about her haunting sleep paralysis experiences, and Liz stumbles across a decade old journal she forgot she had and gets real about depression. Instead...

E59 Pictionary Catfish

Oct 22 • 01:01:35
FINALLY an episode ferda boys (because no one makes anything for men)! Amelia and Liz share the hidden secret to solving the problem of different sex drives between partners. Do you know the difference between lice and crabs? Unlock a new fear and learn about body lice! And, the girls talk about the lies they told as teenagers and read two listener emails from men about an...

E58 A Mukbang Blackout

Oct 15 • 50:11

E57 Solosode By Amelia

Oct 8 • 27:14
Amelia is hosting alone for the first time ever. She also edited the episode for the first time ever. She is also writing this summary for the first time ever. We discuss masturbation durations, cringey things people have said to you in bed, if sex truly feels better without a condom, if there is an age that is too young to talk to little boys about periods, and hear an im...

E56 Daddy? Sorry. Daddy?

Oct 1 • 56:38
Amelia would like Dr. Phil to cash her outside, how bout that. What's the most egregious red flag you've ignored in a relationship? Women are far more kinky than men, and we've got the Sharpie butt plugs and furry fetishes to prove it. A listener writes in for advice on handling her girlfriend's jealous in their non-monogamous relationship. Plus, you will (and won't) be s...

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