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The History of Byzantium

A podcast telling the story of the Roman (Byzantine) Empire from 476 AD to 1453. See for privacy and opt-out information.

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Episode 232 – The Second Crusade, Part 2

Nov 25 • 25:03

Episode 231 - The Second Crusade, Part 1

Nov 21 • 24:32

Episode 230 - The Sack of Edessa

Nov 13 • 24:56

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Discussion with Marco Capelli about Byzantium and Italy

Nov 2 • 01:20:16

Family Update

Oct 23 • 03:42

Episode 229 - John Komnenos with Dr Maximilian Lau

Oct 10 • 53:56

Today we talk to the man whose research has guided our last few podcasts Dr Maximilian Lau....

Episode 228 – Forgiveness not Permission

Oct 3 • 20:41

Last time we watched as John Komnenos attempted to untangle the Gordian knot which Anatolia had become. After campaigning against the Danishmends – John moved on to Cilicia and Antioch. The Emperor attempted to enforce his rights without angering the Latins. A trick which he failed to pull off. ...

Episode 227 - Just Take the Damn City

Sep 22 • 29:04

Episode 226 - A Crowded Chessboard

Sep 17 • 24:57

John II Komnenos takes charge of the Empire and campaigns immediately in Anatolia. But he is soon beset by the complications of the new position Byzantium finds itself in. Serbians, Steppe tribes, Hungarians and Venetians all demand his attention. Enemies and allies are crowding the chess board and John must make each move very carefully. ...

Back to the Narrative

Aug 28 • 01:39

I have now finished all of the videos of Istanbul. So do subscribe to the History of Byzantium Youtube channel if you’d like to see them. The first few will go up next week. ...

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