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You're going to die. Like a food product, you have a personal “best before” date. And before that date, there are memories you want to make, places you want to explore, people you want to meet, and an impact you want to create. The only way to accomplish this before you expire is to reach yourRead more

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JeVon McCormick - Author, Speaker and Self-Made Multi-Millionaire

Dec 2 • 49:18

JeVon McCormick was born the son of a Black pimp father and a white single mother on welfare. Today, he’s the CEO of a multi-million dollar publishing company that was recently ranked the #1 Top Company Culture in America by Entrepreneur Magazine....

Do you make "to-do-lists"? STOP RIGHT NOW...

Nov 30 • 10:27

Alvin Brown - Founder and CEO of The Centre for Healing and Peak Performance

Nov 11 • 32:28

Alvin Brown is the CEO and founder of The Centre for Healing and Peak Performance (TCHPP), multidisciplinary wellness and peak performance centre located in Pickering, Ontario, Canada....

Scared of disappointing others? Listen to this...

Nov 9 • 13:57

Carlos Juico - Host of the Jumpers Jump Podcast & Founder of Juicostudios

Nov 4 • 46:55

Carlos Juico is an innovative creative.  He creates designer clothing, hosts the podcast, Jumpers Jump, and is best known for his conspiracy theories on youtube and TikTok.  Since November 2020, his account gained over 5 million followers and more than 60 million likes....

"365 days with no alcohol?!"

Nov 2 • 19:45

I recently decided to stop drinking alcohol for an entire year.  The decision was made due to my truth.  Every time I drink, I feel like crap and know it keeps me from reaching my full potential. ...

Duku Forè - From Refugee to Tech Founder, Entrepreneur and International Speaker

Oct 28 • 46:47

Duku is the Founder of Rich Dreams, a platform that helps individuals to showcase their journey towards their hopes and dreams and connects them with other dreamers. In addition to Rich Dreams, Duku has also founded HnH Wholesalers, a merchandise base supplier to the Hotel and Hospitality industry. HnH is a supplier for clients such as the EKKA, Marriot Hotel, Star Hotels...

How to make difficult decisions

Oct 26 • 23:28

Since the age of 13, I've been making decisions that many people disagree with.  I've made decisions that, from the outside looking in, seem insane.  These include turning down massive opportunities, moving away from my family to chase my dreams, and dropping out of university. ...

Justin Abernethy - Toronto Based Director and Photographer

Oct 21 • 41:15

Justin Abernethy is a Toronto-based director whose body of work balances the meridian between stills and motion. From the first moment he looked through a lens, Justin fell in love with the ability to create a narrative told through imagery within a single frame. After training in photography, he quickly found himself inspired by the world of motion, where he saw life exis...

Empty your Backpack (How to deal with the opinions of others)

Oct 19 • 22:03

I believe that you and I walk around and experience life with an invisible backpack strapped to our shoulders.  In this bag, we carry our experiences along with the thoughts and opinions that other people give to us.  Some good and some bad.  The negative opinions and hurtful words become bricks that weigh us down and overtime can stop us from moving at all. ...

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