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Welcome to the High Existence podcast, where we ponder, explore and expand this wondrous experience called life. Visit for a daily boost to your consciousness!

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Jordan Bates – How to Let Go, Develop Core Confidence and Flow (#54)

Jan 4 • 01:22:19

Have you ever wished you could be the first one on the dance floor? Or the one who effortlessly jumps on the beat and freestyles without flinching?...

Matt Karamazov – How to Read More, Procrastinate Less and Set Goals (#54)

Dec 1 • 02:05:03

Chris Becker – Psychedelic Therapy, Zen, and Healing Yourself (#52)

Sep 1 • 01:19:15

"…the loss of the original self, that happens to actually the majority of us. It changes who we are and we kinda go through life managing, and it’s natural and appropriate for us to devise different schemes or organizing principles to survive when we’re little because you know, what do we know?"...

Jonny Miller – The Gifts of Grief, Transformational Breathwork and Emotional Resilience (#51)

Aug 30 • 01:16:58

"It has to start first and foremost with a real desire and fascination… I think that the best conversations are born from that burning desire."...

Exploring the Ascent – Leaving The Shire, Embracing Failure, and Getting Out of Your Own Way (HEx Dialogues #9)

Aug 14 • 01:33:35

"For me the Ascent is about that. It’s about: wow there are so many areas of this map of my life and reality that I thought were not feasible, not possible, and now I see that if I choose to, I can go there."...

Portier Supplies — Sacred Psychonautics, the Space Beyond Healing, and Spiritual Business (#50)

Jul 5 • 01:10:11

Is it possible to bring the level of reverence and integrity that we see in traditional plant medicine ceremonies into our own homes?...

John Vervaeke 2 – Redesigning Religion, Culture Hacking, and Saving Spirituality (#49)

May 13 • 01:20:07

If you identify as spiritual but not religious, then this one is for you....

John Vervaeke — The Meaning Crisis, Stealing the Culture, & Redesigning Religion (#48)

May 7 • 02:16:45

“We need to have a deep dialogue between science and spirituality.”...

The Mind Illuminated: The Ultimate Meditation Manuscript (#47)

Apr 25 • 01:04:26

Have you been struggling to keep a consistent meditation practice?

Switching around between different types, trying to find the right one for so long that you eventually forgot why you were even doing it in the first place?

This is a common complaint many aspiring meditators face.

Without a clear understanding of why we are doing what we are doing and a way to know that we a...

Justin Noppé: Success is a Skill That Can Be Trained Like a Muscle (#46)

Apr 5 • 02:01:21

Learn more about The Ascent here.


In the first podcast I did with Justin, we discussed the secret strategies of super-learners.

In the follow up YouTube video we dissected the best ways to get the most from the books that you read.

In today's episode, my main question was to find out Justin's origin story.

I knew that he had suffered from depression as a teen, and also grew ...

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