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The Hearing Tracker Podcast: Hearing Aids, Hearing Loss, and Hearing Therapeutics


Join host Dr. Steve Taddei to learn about the disruptive products and services that are starting to make inroads into the vast underserved community of people with untreated hearing loss. You'll also meet industry insiders to learn about the scientific and technological advancements that areRead more

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Disrupting Hearing Aids: How Hearing Loss Help is Becoming More Accessible

Oct 26 • 31:41

48 million Americans suffer from mild-to-moderate hearing loss. And only 14% of Americans with hearing loss currently own a hearing aid. As we move into a new era of over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids, and telehealth-facilitated hearing care, startups like Lexie and Nuheara are looking to capitalize by offering more convenient, more affordable hearing solutions. And, esta...

TeleAudiology: Virtual Care for Hearing Loss

Sep 23 • 27:46

In 2021, most hearing aids can be adjusted remotely, from the comfort and safety of your home. It's easy to connect with an audiologist through video-conferencing services like Zoom, to discuss your experiences and receive intimate private counseling. And there are even direct-to-consumer hearing aids that can be purchased over the internet, with follow-up services provide...

Wireless Hearing

Aug 18 • 25:38

In today’s episode, we speak with two hearing aid experts to learn about wireless audio streaming in modern hearing aids. Today's hearing aids can stream multimedia and calls from your phone, but also have the ability to tap into shared audio streams through magnetic induction loops, or "hearing loops", which are installed in public spaces like auditoriums and churches. Wh...

Hearing Loss in Children

Jun 29 • 21:40

In today’s episode, we spoke with Valerie James Abbott, the author of the children’s book Padapillo. Padapillo explores the emotional process family members often experience when a young child is unexpectedly diagnosed with hearing loss. Valerie shares her family’s real life journey too. After herdaughter Bridget was diagnosed with hearing loss in preschool, the Abbott fam...

Hearing Loss and Tinnitus Support Groups

May 27 • 29:38

In today's episode, we talk to leaders from three prominent hearing loss and tinnitus support groups, Tinnitus Hub, Hands & Voices, and the Association of Late Deafened Adults. Whether you are suffering from the effects of hearing loss or tinnitus personally, or have a child or loved one experiencing hearing-related issues, today's episode is a great place to start. These ...

Bionic Hearing: Hearing Through the Buzz

Apr 21 • 20:04

The term "bionic" is defined by Oxford Languages as "having artificial body parts, especially electromechanical ones." In today's episode, we learn about a new type of hearing aid that converts everyday sounds into a series of unique vibrations. Our guest, neuroscientist Dr. David Eagleman, explains how our brains begin to "hear" these vibrations through a process called "...

Hearing Loss and COVID-19

Mar 24 • 19:55

A link between COVID-19 and sudden hearing loss has begun to emerge. In this episode of the Hearing Tracker Podcast, we speak directly with leading researchers to gain a better understanding of the connection. We also chat with someone who experienced a sudden hearing loss first-hand....

Hearing Loss Therapies Backed By Science

Feb 24 • 21:05

Search Google for "Hearing Loss Cures" and you'll be inundated with pseudoscientific cures and other quackery. While there is currently no magic pill to cure your hearing problems, there are some legitimate science-backed hearing therapies that have begun to emerge over the past few years. In today's episode, we talk to leading pharmaceutical and digital hearing therapy pr...

Cochlear Implants: Surgery, Activation, and Life with CIs

Jan 27 • 22:04

Science fiction has always depicted a future where humans and robots live side-by-side. We've seen stories where robots help with daily activities, return from the future, and others where humans obtain robotic body parts. Blurring the lines between human and machine altogether. Today, thanks to advancements in medical sciences, our reality isn't that far off from these on...

Season 2 Teaser

Jan 24 • 01:20

Steve Taddei: In season one, we spoke with movers and shakers to learn about hearing loss, new technologies, and the latest research. In those previous discussions, it was evident that we're living in an unprecedented time with amazing hearing technology ... technology that was unimaginable a few short years ago....

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