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The Haunted Heart Podcast

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DC-based podcast on all things witchy, horror, true crime, and macabre hosted by two best friends who are sometimes funny, sometimes deep, but always #trashtalent

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The Witches, Part 3: A Halloween Special

Oct 19 • 57:08

And here we are, folks! It's almost time to check out of the Hotel Magnificent, but we do hope you've enjoyed your stay with us! We had such a fun time producing and recording this series for you all and we hope you have enjoyed it as much as we have. From our dark hearts to yours, we wish you all a happy Halloween. ...

The Witches, Part 2: A Halloween Special

Oct 11 • 01:01:04

Velcome, Vitches, to part 2 of our special Halloween collaboration with the Snacks With Stine Podcast! We do hope you're enjoying your stay with us at the Hotel Magnificent so far. But do let us know if you see any of those disgusting vermin running around. ...

The Witches, Part 1: A Halloween Special

Oct 8 • 49:55

Today is the day, Witches! We are extremely excited to bring you part one of our special Halloween collaboration with Snacks With Stine. This has been a love child in the making since last October and we hope that you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed creating it. So grab a blanket, your brats if you’ve got them, and join us as we welcome you to The Hotel Magnificent. ...

Episode 133: Legend of the OILY MAN (and other cryptids)

Sep 18 • 51:43

Better late than never, right folks? We summon you all to another episode and another spooky topic to fulfill all of your trash talent desires. This week, Katie is treating us all to a proverbial cryptid charcuterie board, compiled of some of our favorite lesser-known cryptids. We'll get into Hellhounds, Batsquatch, something about some rats and THE LEGEND OF THE OILY MAN. ...

Episode 132: Psychic Photography and YOU

Sep 8 • 44:00

Instagram is SO 2020... but have you heard of "thoughtography?" No, not THOTography... THOUGHTography, otherwise known as psychic photography, the psychic ability to burn images from one's mind onto surfaces. You haven't? Well, sounds like you need to listen in to the latest episode of The Haunted Heart Podcast to find out what you're missing! It's like those instant-print...

Episode 131: The Mary Bell Murders

Sep 1 • 01:07:15

Your two favorite trash goblins are back this week with yet another delicious episode for you to feast on while you traverse the void. When it comes to children who are prone to violence, we have to ask: is it due to nature or nurture? In this episode, Katie talks about one of the UK's most infamous child murderers, 10-year-old Mary Bell, and her accomplice, 13-year-old No...

Episode 130: UF-HOES

Jul 14 • 42:54

This week's episode takes us to outer space...if outer space was a UFO-watch campground in Hooper, Colorado. Join us for this fun episode as we discover the out-of-this-world history behind this strange patch of land and the woman who became known as "that crazy lady down the road." ...

Episode 129: The Delphi Daughters

Jul 7 • 45:58

Welcome back to another week with your favorite #TrashTalent hosts! On today's episode, Katie takes us on a drive to Delphi, Indiana, to discuss the harrowing case of Abby Williams and Libby German. ...

Episode 128: Let's Chat About MK-Ultra

Jun 30 • 01:02:05

The Witch and the Wolf are BACK! After a bit of a hiatus (pandemic burnout, anybody?), we couldn't be happier to gather round the podcast table, light some candles, and dive into a horrifyingly TRUE tale of government-sanctioned drugs, dysphoria, and dementedness with our favorite bunch of ghouls and goblins. That's right-- this week, we're discussing MK-Ultra. Welcome bac...

Episode 127: Jilted Lovers - The Second Cut

Feb 21 • 57:19

Okay, okay, so we know that we're late on delivering our Valentine's Day cards to you, they must have got lost in the trash somewhere. But honestly, we have loved you every single day for the past THREE YEARS. That's right, it's been three whole years of non-stop trash, debauchery, mind-fucks, and mayhem. In this episode, we harken back to our very first time sitting down ...

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